Chinese Abelia fertilizer watering uses.

abelia chinensis – chinese abelia

The scientific name of the Chinese abalia tree:Abelia chinensis R.BiAbelia chinensis R.Bi
The original home of the Chinese abalia trees:Asia – Mexico

Botanical description of Chinese Abelia trees.

The Chinese Abelia tree is one of the rare ornamental trees, beautiful in shape and very attractive, as it gives the gardens a wonderful beauty.It is one of the deciduous trees, but in its original habitat it is not deciduous due to the different weather and environmental conditions in which the trees are located.The Chinese Abelia tree is a small tree, about one and a half meters tall, and has simple, opposite, oval-shaped leaves on the branches, and the length of the leaf reaches about 2 cm.As for the flowers, they are white, aromatic, and trumpet-shaped. They are found in densely packed semi-terminal inflorescences.

powdery mildew disease.

Chinese Abelia Propagation.

The Chinese abalia trees are propagated by mature cuttings taken from branches older than a year, provided that they are free from fungal diseases or insect pests, especially spiders and mites,That the cuttings are taken to the appropriate length and are planted during the fall in equipped greenhouses, and the cultivation of seeds is rarely successful due to the different weather and environmental conditions.

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Chinese AbeliaWatering.

Abelia trees are irrigated regularly without drowning or thirst, but irrigation is done according to the trees’ need for irrigation and the available environmental conditions.

Fertilization of Chinese Abelia trees.

Usually, Chinese Abelia trees are fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer at a rate of 10 kg / 10 years old tree, provided that the fertilization is done during the winter service in the month of December.As for the chemical fertilization, it is applied with neutral fertilizer NPK 12-12-12 at a rate of 150 g/tree in two batches during the month of March and the month of May.

Uses of Chinese Abelia .

1 – Chinese abalia trees can be grown as fences around homes and gardens, or as fences on private farms.2- Chinese Abelia trees are planted as ornamental trees in public and private gardens, or they are planted in groups on a very beautiful tree.

Chinese Abelia sunlight.

Chinese abelia sun exposure
abelia full sun or part shade will Be good for chinese abelia.

Chinese abelia height.

Up3 to 6 feet tall.

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abelia hardiness zone

Zones 6-9, but it reaches a larger size when grown in warmer climates. In Zones 5-6.

chinese abelia australia.

It grows in Australia and can grow well with a good program of fertilization, water and pruning, especially well suited in Australia for a plant.