Aloe arborescens Fertilizer propagation Uses watering

🔬🔬The scientific name of the Aloe arborescens plant

Aloe arborescens🌵


The original home of Aloe arborescens

South Africa🇿🇦 Cape Province Mediterranea area .

#Botanical description of Aloe arborescens🌲

Aloe arborescens is a shrubby succulent plant, with stems ranging in height between 1-2 meters, and the thickness of the stem is about 5 cm.

The leaves grow on the stem in a convergent spiral shape, and they are lanceolate green in color, succulent, about 60 cm long, and the upper surface of the leaves is somewhat hollow towards the base of the leaf. .

These thorns are characterized by being at close distances from each other.

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Aloe arborescens blooms in autumn and winter, and the flowers are bright orange-red. They are found in crowded racemose inflorescences, about 20-30 cm long.


Aloe arborescens
Aloe arborescens

Propagation of the Aloe arborescens plant:

Aloe arborescens propagates by planting the back that sticks out around the mother plant, which is a very easy and fast method.

Where the back is removed from the side of the mother plant and planted directly to be of the appropriate length.

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The plant is also multiplied by seeds that are planted in beds, planting bags, or in suitable pots, followed by irrigation and rotation until they are transferred and planted in the permanent land.

#💦Watering Aloe arborescens plants:

Aloe arborescens plants need moderate irrigation without drowning or thirsting, provided that the irrigation is regular and according to the environmental conditions in which the plant is located.

#🐛Aloe arborescens fertilization

The plant needs a well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the month of December at a rate of 5 kg / plant / year + 200 g of 15% phosphorous, provided that the soil is well turned after adding the organic fertilizer.

Chemical fertilization is also done by adding an integrated chemical fertilizer of nitrogen + phosphorous + potassium NPK, neutral 19-19-19, at a rate of 150 g / plant in two batches during the month of March and August.

🏡Growing Aloe arborescens at home:

Aloe arborescens is grown in home gardens in sunny areas, and it is grown in balconies and home gardens as an ornamental plant for the beauty of the plant’s leaves.

#📜Uses of the wi arborescence plant:

1- The plant is grown for decoration in rock gardens.

2- Growing plants at home in sunny places

3- The leaves of the Aloe arborescens plant are used in the treatment of minor burns, where the leaves are placed above the place of the letter, which helps to heal from burns.

5- An anti-burn ointment is made from the leaves, as well as to remove the effect of burns from the skin.

6- Aloe arborescens is planted in the kitchen balcony to help the housewife to use the leaves against burns.