Agave attenuata Watering fertilizer light Varieties.

Agave attenuata Watering fertilizer light Varieties

The scientific name for the plant is Agave attenuata

agave attenuata salm-dyck

The original home of the plant


#Botanical description of Agave attenuata.

Agave attenuata is a succulent cactus plant with a woody stem, about 100 cm long. It has a rose-like top (blushed) consisting of smooth, juicy leaves free from thorns and gray to pale green in color.

The number of leaves ranges from about 6-15 leaves per plant, and the length of the leaf is about 15-40 cm. It is elliptical in shape, widened at the center of the blade, and has a sharp top.

The back of the leaf is concave, and it is a somewhat slow-growing plant. Small plants form on the leaves at the base, and they can be separated to be used for plant propagation.

The Agave attenuata plant blooms when it is old in late spring and also early summer. As for the inflorescence, it reaches a length of about 5 meters and bears greenish-yellow flowers with a tubular shape that turns into small plants or bulbs that are used to multiply the plant again.

Agave attenuata Watering fertilizer light Varieties
Agave attenuata Watering fertilizer light Varieties

#Propagation of Agave attenuata:

Agave attenuata is propagated by planting cuttings that grow around the mother plant, and it is also propagated by planting bulbuls that come out at the top of the plant by planting them at the same time as they fall.

#Watering Agave attenuata.

Agave attenuata needs moderate irrigation without drowning or thirst, but it is according to the plant’s need in terms of the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions in the region.

#Fertilizing Agave attenuata:

Agave attenuata needs neutral chemical fertilization NPK 12 – 12 – 12 nitrogen – phosphorus potassium at a rate of 300 g in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

#Growing Agave attenuata.

Agave attenuata is one of the most important ornamental succulent plants, and it is one of the most beautiful cacti that are grown in home gardens. It is grown in flower beds, or it is grown alone in the garden and in sunny places.

#Importance of Agave attenuata plant:

Agave attenuata is grown as a garden plant in home gardens, as well as in rock gardens and public gardens.

2- Excellent fibers are extracted from the leaves that can withstand water and salty water, and the finest types of ropes are made from it.

#agave attenuata Varieties.

variegated agave attenuata.

agave attenuated foxtail.
Agave attenuata var. Jacob’s compact
Agave attenuata var. latifolia Salm-Dyck ex A.Terracc
Agave attenuata var. paucibracteata
Agave attenuata var.
Agave cernua
Agave debariana Jacobi
Agave glaucescens Hook.
Agave kellocki Jacobi
Agave pruinosa Lem.
Ghiesbreghtia mollis Roezl.

#Light requirements for agave attenuata.

Light is considered one of the most important considerations for plants. In general, the agave attenuata. is one of the plants that should be in direct sunlight, and the agave attenuata., so the plant must be in a place near the window, at a close distance from the sun the plant will need at least from 6 to 8 hours in sun

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