Agave ferox care propagation fertilizer watering(Agave salmiana var. ferox)

The scientific name for the giant

( agave plant) Agave ferox

Agave salmiana var. ferox (K.Koch) Gentry

Giant Gave

The original home( native) of the Agave ferox plant


Information of the plant Agave ferox.

Agave salmiana var. ferox
Agave salmiana var. ferox

Agave ferox(Agave salmiana var. ferox) is one of the succulent plants, and it is characterized by its large size. It is a stemless plant with dark green leaves that are important, large, ruddy.

The leaves are wide petiole, somewhat curved downward, and when they are older, they become spread out and then creep on the ground. The length of the leaf reaches about 100 cm with a distinctive shape, as it is inverted petiole, its width ranges between 30-35 cm.

It is very concave, the top is drawn, and it is fleshy, leathery, shiny leaves on Its edges are brown to black hooked teeth, and its length (thorn length) ranges between 1.5-2 cm. The leaf also ends with a terminal thorn that is 4-9 cm long, conical and hollow in shape.

As for the Raceme, its length ranges between 8-10 meters, and it bears abundant flowers that are distinguished by their long petioles, which reach a length of about 9 cm.

Agave ferox plant propagation.

Agave ferox is propagated by pups , as it is grown in light, well-drained soil, where it grows very easily.

And when pups appears on the Agave ferox plant, it can be carefully cut and planted in a mixture of soil + sand + peat moss, as it grows successfully and gives a new plant with good characteristics.

Ferox agave plant water.

Agave ferox needs very regular irrigation without drowning or thirst, but regular irrigation that fulfills the plant’s need without being exposed to drought or drowning.

Fertilizing Agave ferox

Agave ferox needs very moderate fertilization without extravagance. It is preferable to fertilize with neutral fertilizer NPK (nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium) 12 – 12 – 12 at a rate of 250 g / plant in two batches, the first batch during March or April and the second batch during August.

Planting of Agave ferox in home gardens.

Agave ferox is one of the succulent plants with a luxurious shape, so it is grown at the entrances of luxurious villas to the right and to the left of the entrance, giving the place luxury and a very high value.

Uses of the agave ferox plant.

1- Planting the agave ferox plant in the rocky gardens and in the luxurious public gardens with special characteristics. It is also grown in the home gardens, especially at the entrances, which gives the place luxury and a high value that expresses the owners of the house.

2- It is also grown in the balconies of houses, provided that it is somewhat sunny and on sunny verandahs. In fact, it is a very, very distinctive plant that gives the place luxury and high value.