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Aloiampelos ciliaris plant is one of the succulent plants (cacti)
The scientific name of the Aloiampelos ciliarisplant:
Aloe ciliaris Haw:
Origin: Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe)
South Africa – Cope province.

Botanical description of Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe)

A succulent cactus plant with a thin stem, the thickness of the stem is about 1 cm, and it bears leathery leaves arranged in a spiral on the stem, which are narrow, drawn, lanceolate stripes, 8-15 cm long.

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) blooms in winter, from January to March. The tubular flowers are reddish-orange

with green tips and are really


black dahlia plant flower

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) propagation

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) is propagated by the offspring that is obtained from the mother plant by separating the offspring with part of the rhizome, where it is planted directly or planted in planting bags or suitable pots until the plant is grown in sustainable land.

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Watering the Aloiampelos ciliaris plant:

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) needs regular irrigation without drowning or thirst, but irrigation is done regularly according to weather conditions, environmental conditions, and soil nature.

Fertilizing Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe)

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) plant is

fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter season in August, at a rate of 5 kg of well-decomposed organic fertilizer + 100 gm of 15% single superphosphate.

Fertilization is also done with neutral chemical fertilizer NPK 12 – 12 – 12 at a rate of 200 gm in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

Planting of Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) in home gardens:

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) is one of the ornamental plants that are grown in botanical gardens in the middle of flower beds or on both sides of the entrance, which gives a sense of the beauty of the garden. It is also grown in suitable pots that are placed on sunny verandahs or balconies.

Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) uses:

1- The whey plant is grown in rock gardens and home gardens.

2- Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) is grown as an excellent pot that thrives on home balconies in sunny places.

3 – Aloe ciliaris (Climbing Aloe) is one of the most beautiful plants that are grown in home rooftop gardens due to the beauty of its splendid beauty.