Baby sun rose fertilizer watering description guide

Baby sun rose fertilizer watering description guide
Baby sun rose fertilizer watering description guide

Scientific name Aptenia cordifolia (

L.f. Schwant.

Botanical description of Baby sun rose.

What does Baby Sun Rose look like

Baby sun rose is a succulent plant, and it is a creeping plant (carpet) and it is a soil covering.

A live science plant with cylindrical branches of bright green color. The extension of the plant on the soil reaches about 100 cm, and the leaves are opposite to fleshy, heart-shaped to oval. The length of the leaf blade reaches 2.5 cm, which is equal to its breadth.

The flowers are short-necked, star-shaped, red or purple in color, and they grow on the tips of the branches of the plant.

The plant also enters the winter hibernation, which is the period of dormancy of the plant, so the color of the plant turns yellow, and in the spring season during the month of March, the plant recovers its growth and becomes a beautiful green carpet.

This plant is a very popular plant for many people, as it gives a beautiful shape, especially when flowering.

Watering Baby sun rose plants.

Baby sun rose is one of the water-loving plants where watering should be done carefully and the ground should not be left to dry at all: therefore, a live plant must be irrigated regularly without drowning or thirsting at all.

Fertilizing Baby sun rose plants.

Baby sun rose plants are usually fertilized by following the fertilization method by spraying the plants in the compound fertilizer NPK neutral 12-12-12 at a rate of 1-2 g / liter of water once every 15-21 days, provided that the spraying is dense until the plant gets an appropriate amount of compost.

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Baby sun rose plant uses.

Baby sun rose is used to decorate home gardens and cover slopes in gardens.

It is also grown in rock gardens, and it is also used as a potted plant to decorate balconies in homes.