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The bignay tree is a fruit tree native to India, which produces purple-colored fruits when fully grown.

🔬Bignay tree scientific name:

antidesma bunius L Spring .

The English name for the bignay tree:


The original home of the bignay tree:


The bignay tree is one of the fruit trees (in its original home) in India, but it is considered one of the beautiful and exquisitely shaped ornamental trees.

#Botanical description🌲 bignay.

yucca plant

The bignay tree is an 🌲evergreen tree

bignay . height📏

Its height is 9-10 meters, and the leaves are simple, about 15 cm long.

bignay tree flowers.🌹

As for the flowers, they are found in green paniculate inflorescences without petals, and they are also unisexual.

Bignay tree Habitat Height Fertilization Uses Guide to plants.

Bignay tree flower colore.🎨


They are red in color at the beginning of their growth and then turn to purple when maturity is complete.
bignay tree shape
The fruits are characterized by being juicy, fleshy, juicy, collected, which are used (uses of bignay)in the manufacture of jam and preserved fruits.

#Propagation of bignay trees🌱.

Bignay trees are multiplied by planting seeds during the spring in seedbeds in the nursery. When the true leaves appear, they are separated into appropriate planting bags or pots, provided that they are constantly rotated until they are planted in the permanent land when they reach the appropriate length.

The bignay tree can also be grown by cuttings obtained from old branches that are more than a year old, where they are taken and planted in suitable planting bags or pots, preferably inside the greenhouse.

When new leaves appear, they are rotated into larger pots, and so on until they are planted in the permanent land.

#💦Watering bignay trees

Full attention must be paid to the irrigation process, as irrigation is carried out throughout the year regularly without drowning or thirsting at all.

# Fertilization of bignay trees:

Bignay trees are evergreen trees and they are also fruit trees in their original home in India, so attention should be paid to well-decomposed organic fertilizer, which must be added during or during the winter service during the month of August at a rate of 15 kg of well-decomposed organic fertilizer + superphosphate fertilizer 15% at a rate of 500 – 750 g / 10 years old tree.

Also, chemical fertilizer should be added from nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium NPK, and when it is an ornamental tree, it is fertilized with chemical fertilizer with complete nutrients 19-19-19 provided that the nutrients are added in two batches during the month of March and August.

#Pruning bignay trees:

Bignay trees are pruned during the summer by removing tangled branches and broken branches and taking care to open the heart of the tree so that the light enters the heart of the tree.

#Uses of bignay trees:

1 – The bignay tree is a beautiful tree with beautiful branches hanging down to a height of 2-2.5 meters from the surface of the earth, so it is considered one of the most important ornamental trees in public gardens and private gardens.

2 – The best types of jam are made from the fruits, as they are used in the manufacture of preserved fruits.