bird of paradise plant fertilization propagation and care

bird of paradise plant care

The bird of paradise plant or the flower of the future is one of the most beautiful types and shapes of flowers that are grown in home gardens to give the place splendor and beauty.

bird of paradise plants are cultivated to obtain beautiful, rare and western flowers in their form, which resemble bird of paradise with beautiful harmonious colors.

The flowers of the bird of paradise are distinguished by their multiplicity of colors in one flower, and they are among the flowers that live for a long time after picking, up to two weeks.

The flower of the bird of paradise bears transportation, storage and shipping over long distances, which gave it a prominent place among the various cut flowers.

bird of paradise flower is considered a shade plant, and its cultivation in the sun is also successful, as it is a perennial plant that is always renewable.

How to propagate bird of paradise plants.

Bird of paradise plants are propagated in several different ways, including the following:

Propagating bird of paradise plants by vegetative propagation.

bird of paradise plants are multiplied by vegetative propagation by carefully uprooting entire plants during the month of April, as it is considered the most appropriate time for vegetative propagation of the sparrow of paradise plants, as the following is done:

The plant is divided after uprooting into plants with independent roots.

* 3-4 plants are placed in one grove, depending on the age of the plants.

* When performing the planting process, the leaves must be tied from the top of the petioles with raffia thread, so as not to sag during their growth.

propagation of the plants of the bird of paradise through seedlings

In this method, the method of reproduction of henna sparrow plants with residues, where the soil around the plants is exposed to the appropriate depth and the residues are separated with a sharp bale with part of the roots.

One jar is given from 10 to 12 plants of the Bird of Paradise at the age of 10 years.

Propagation of bird of paradis plants through seeds.

bird of paradis plants through seeds.

Bird of Paradise plants are propagated by seeds by soaking them in a 10% sulfuric acid solution for 10 minutes, because the seeds of the Bird of Paradise plant are thick.

The seeds of the Bird of Paradise are located in 10% sulfuric acid for 10 minutes and then planted during the month of July and August

In this way, a germination rate of up to 90% can be obtained.

Seeds can also be treated in running water for 10 consecutive days and then planted.

The seeds should also be treated with a fungal antiseptic such as benlite for 15 minutes before planting at a rate of 2.5 g / liter of water.

Production of Bird of Paradise seeds by hand pollination method.

Bird of Paradise plant seeds can be produced by hand pollination, as this method is suitable for expanding the production of Bird of Paradise plants.

This method is done as follows:

bird of paradise plant fertilization propagation and care
bird of paradise plant fertilization propagation and care

* The flower whose petals have opened in the inflorescence is selected, then pollen is transferred to its stigmas (feminine organs) with a clean, sterile brush, and the process is repeated whenever one of the flowers of the bird of paradise plant opens.

* It is taken into account not to spray the plants of the bird of paradise from the top of the flowering and pollination season, until the fruits are ripe, which is known by changing their color to light brown.

The seeds mature after about 4-8 months, depending on the season of growth and the strength of growth, and from one inflorescence that has five flowers on average, 75-150 seeds can be obtained from the seeds of the bird of paradise plant.

The land suitable for planting the bird of paradise plant.

Bird of Paradise plants should be planted in fertile, well-ventilated, well-drained lands, and also rich in nutrients from the various fertilizing elements of major, minor and trace elements.

Preparing and preparing the land for planting bird of paradise plants:

The land is prepared and prepared for the cultivation of Bird of Paradise plants by good plowing and soil smoothing and leveling with the addition of 60 cubic meters / acre of well-dissolving municipal fertilizer with the addition of 100 kg of calcium superphosphate. .

After that, the land is divided into basins and plants are planted in the hollow at a distance of 75 cm in the form of a crow’s leg.

And it must take care of regularly irrigating the birds of paradise plants and not exposing the plants to thirst at all. It also takes into account the addition of fertilizer rates in a good way from the major elements NPK as well as the minor elements of iron, zinc and manganese in the claw picture as well as magnesium and the rest of the rare fertilizer elements in the event that symptoms of deficiency appear on the plants.

Fertilize bird of paradise plant.

bird of paradise plant.

bird of paradise are fertilized again after planting during the month of December at a rate of 60 kg of well-decomposed municipal fertilizer.

And since the plants of the bird of paradise need fertilization at a high level, the fertilization is done in three batches during the month of February, July and November at the following rates / acres as follows:

600 kg of 20.5% ammonia sulfate fertilizer + 40 kg of super calcium phosphate fertilizer + 100 kg of 48% potassium sulfate fertilizer.

Finally, the bird of paradise plant is a tropical plant that needs a suitable temperature for the growth of plants.

Cultivation of birds of paradise plants also succeeds in semi-shade and sunny places, with the full knowledge that it succeeds more in sunny places, where plants grow well and produce flowers in abundance, cursed in half-shade places.

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