black dahlia plant flower Propagation uses

black dahlia plant flower Propagation uses

Definition of (black dahlia) dahlia plants
Dahlia plants are among the most beautiful ornamental plants that produce
Flowers multicolored and shapes, and continues blooming
For much of the year, black dahlia follow the family
The compound. Fam Compositae.

This is a widespread cultivation of dahlia in gardens
For the length of the flowering season, but the black dahlia flowers are rare, as out of every 100,000 flowers, 10 flowers appear as a mutation, as the season that extends from July
Until October every year.

#importance of black dahlia flower

black dahlia plant flower probation uses
black dahlia plant flower probation uses

The importance of growing dahlias is due to the following.
1- The multiplicity of colors and shapes of its flowers, as it suits all
alleys, some varieties of dahlias produce single flowers
While others produce double flowers, including
Flowers small in size, including medium-sized and others
Large in size, and there are many colors of flowers.
2- The height of the plants ranges from 25 to 180 cm
It thrives in gardens where it is planted in ponds
Front or back basins or flower galaxies.
3- Dahlia flowers are used successfully in arranging vases
Inside the houses and of course the most beautiful is the rarest
4- Dahlia plants have a long flowering season that may extend to
five months, making it a profitable cultivation.
5- The many types of dahlia plants, including the winter dahlia
And other summer dahlia plants.
6 – Dahlia plants are roots used in
Propagation, and islet tubers are roots, not found
It has a node, and the buds are located in a region
The apex (crown region), while the fibrous roots are in the
The basal end of the root, and the root stores the material

a .
The length of the plants ranges from 40-60 cm.


#Propagation of black dahlia plants.

1- Dahlia plants reproduce by seeds. They produce
Dwarf plants and produce flowers in different colors.
2- Reproduction by mind.
Where the peripheral cuttings are cultivated within a month
September .

#Fertilizing the Black Dahlia plant

Fertilization of black dahlia plants should be carefully looked after
Continuing with compound fertilizer 2-10-2
Fertilization is done during the beginning of July and month
August, to be fertilized per plant
At a rate of 50-100 gm of compound fertilizer every 15
day .

#Black Dahlia plant water needs.

Dahlia plants must also be taken care of without
Drowning or thirsting, but wetlands are provided
Around the plants continuously, as increasing the water encourages the growth of mold and algae, and also the lack of water can kill the plant, and the type of pot must be taken into account, as the pottery pot differs from the plastic pot in the period of water retention

#black dahlia flower

The black dahlia flower is one of the rarest types of flowers. Originally, the black dahlia flower is dark red to black.

The scent of the black dahlia plant.
The first question that comes to mind is whether the black dahlia plant has the same scent as the regular dahlia flowers. The answer is yes, and it resembles tangerine, pink pepper and mimosa, a beautiful scent.

Black dahlia flowers in winter.

Do not leave dahlias in ground that is exposed to frost

Because it cannot bear the cold or frost, it must be kept and moved to a location away from the cold until spring.