Bombax ceiba trees planting and fertilizer Propagation watering

The scientific name of Bombax trees:

Bombox ceiba.

The English name for Bombax trees:

Red SH. (Cotton Tree).

Bombax ceiba trees planting and fertilizer Propagation watering
Bombax ceiba trees planting and fertilizer Propagation watering

Botanical description of Bombax trees.

Bombax trees are deciduous trees, and they are widely planted in gardens and streets, as well as in home gardens.

The Bombax tree reaches a height of about 25 meters, and the trunk has thorns on it, and the leaves are compound palms of 2-7 oval upturned leafs, about 25 cm long, with a tapering top.

The flowers in Bombax trees are red and fleshy. They are borne on the branches in winter and early spring. The fruit is a rectangular box about 15 cm long, with light and sharp ribs on it from the top.

Propagation of Bombax Trees.

Bombax trees are propagated by planting seeds in the nursery, and when they reach a length of about one meter, they are transferred to the permanent land.

watering of Bombax Trees.

Bombax trees need moderate irrigation in the summer without drowning or irritating, but during the winter, care must be taken and irrigation is only done once a month, as the bombax trees are deciduous trees and enter a state of dormancy during the winter, so it should not be excessive in irrigation during the season winter.

Fertilizer of Bombax Trees.

Usually bombax trees are fertilized during the winter service with well-decomposed organic fertilizer at the rate of 4 picks / 10 years old tree.

As for the chemical fertilization, the fertilization is carried out with NPK 19-19-19 neutral fertilizer at a rate of 250 gm/tree aged 5 years and over in two batches during the month of February and April.
Uses of Bombax Trees:
1 – The Bombax tree is one of the ornamental trees that are planted in public and private gardens. It is also planted on both sides of the roads.

2 – The wood of the bombax trees is light, smooth and shiny, and quickly deteriorates, so it is made of wooden barrels in which oil is stored, as well as matchsticks.

4- The cotton produced from the fruits is used as an insulator for refrigerators and for filling pillows.

5- The seeds of Bombax trees contain a high percentage of oil that is used in soap making.