Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) Care & Grow

Scientific name of Buddleia : buddleja madagascariensis

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Botanical description of Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) shrub

Common names :Buddleja Madagascariensis, the Smokebush or Madagascan Butterfly bush,

Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) shrub is one of the perennial evergreen shrubs, with a Height of approximately 6 meters. The leaves of the ornamental bedalia shrub are lanceolate. Its upper surface is dark green, and the lower surface is white or yellow and wiry to the touch.

(buddleja madagascariensis)

(buddleja madagascariensis)

The flowers in Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) are orange in color, gathered in clustered inflorescences.

Propagation of Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis)

Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) shrubs are propagated by planting cuttings from mature branches, where cuttings of 20-25 cm length are taken and planted in agricultural beds that contain an agricultural environment consisting of peat moss + silt + well-washed sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 1 and are well cared for.

After the cuttings are a good root group and the new leaves come out, the cuttings are separated into suitable planting pots or bags and are well cared for until they reach a length of approximately 40 cm.

The cuttings are rotated in pots or larger planting bags until they are planted in sustainable land.

Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) water needs

Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) shrubs need moderate irrigation without drowning or thirst.

Watering is done according to the needs of the bushes, which depends on the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions in the region.

Attention should also be paid to the irrigation process in the event of high air temperature and an increase in the intensity of winds, as this leads to increased leaf transpiration, which makes the shrubs need irrigation to compensate for the lack of water.

Fertilizing Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis)

Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis) shrubs are fertilized with neutral (chemical) mineral fertilizer NPK 12: 12: 12 of the major elements nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium at a rate of 300 g / bush from the age of 5-7 years.

Provided that the mineral fertilizer is added in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

Bio-fertilization of Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis)

It is possible to perform biological fertilization instead of mineral fertilization, using the following biological fertilizers:

1- Bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen, such as azotobacter or azospirillium.

2 – Trichoderma fungus, which is useful in converting rock phosphate in the soil into phosphate in a form suitable for absorption by shrubs.

3- Using the aqueous extract of compost, which is known as compost tea.

4 – The use of humic acid, which is useful in converting microelements such as iron, magnesium and the rest of the other microelements into a form suitable for absorption by shrubs and trees.

United States good places to grow (buddleja madagascariensis)

This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions:

Berkeley, California

Brooksville, Florida

Miami, Florida

Naples, Florida

Other Country


Buddleia(buddleja madagascariensis)