Candle Tree  fertilizer propagation watering uses

Candle Tree is one of the ornamental trees that many people are keen to plant in home gardens.

Scientific name of the candel tree:

Parmentiera cereifera Seem .

The English name for the candel tree:

Candle Tree .

The original home of the wax tree:


Candle Tree  fertilizer propagation watering uses
Candle Tree fertilizer propagation watering uses

Botanical description of the Candle Tree
The Candle Tree is one of the ornamentcandel treeal trees, and it is a small tree, reaching a height of about 8 meters, and it is considered one of the rare trees.

The leaves of the Candle Tree are composed of three inverted oval leaves and the leaf neck is winged, while the flowers are white curved bells with a length of about 8 cm.

As for the fruits, they are cylindrical, reaching a length of 20-100 cm. They are fleshy, waxy fruits hanging from old wooden branches, and their smell resembles the smell of apples.

Propagation of the Candle Tree

Propagation of the Candle Tree by planting the obtained seeds and planting them in agricultural beds until the real leaves are given, then they are separated into pots or planting bags and rotated in larger pots until they reach the appropriate length for transfer to sustainable land.

water needs of Candle Tree

The process of irrigating the Candle Tree must be taken care of so that the trees are not left without irrigation, as the lack of irrigation water may lead to the drying out and death of the trees, but the irrigation is done regularly without drowning or irritating, whether during the summer or winter alike.

Candle Tree fertilization:

Candle Tree are often fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter at a rate of 10 kg of organic fertilizer + 250 g of superphosphate fertilizer 15% / tree age from 5-10 years during the month of August.

As for the chemical fertilization, the Candle Tree are fertilized with the integrated chemical fertilizer NPK 12-12-12 (nitrogen – phosphorous – potassium) at a rate of 250 g / tree in two batches regularly during the month of March and August.

Candle Tree pruning:

Attention should be paid to pruning wax trees by removing dry and broken branches and opening the heart of the tree to light while removing intertwined branches through the process of good pruning.
The most important uses of wax trees:
candel trees are among the rare ornamental trees, so they are planted in home gardens as ornamental trees. They are also planted in botanical gardens with interest due to their scarcity and the beauty of their leaves and drooping fruits, like the beautiful chandeliers of houses.

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