cashew nut plant growing fertilize watering Nutrients Temperature and care.

cashew nut plant growing  fertilize watering Nutrients Temperature and  care.
cashew nut plant growing fertilize watering Nutrients Temperature and care.

cashew plant growing benefits and care guide.

Cashew are a food source rich in unsaturated fats, in addition to being a rich source of energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants, giving them many health benefits for the body, in addition to their ability to be extracted. It comes from cashew milk, which is a vegan alternative to cow’s milk.

cashew plant

cashew plant

Cashew plant benefits.

1_Cashew plant promote heart health by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

2_cashew plant
Improving dental health and maintaining healthy gums and teeth free from bacterial infections.

Cashew plant Help in losing weight, the protein rich in it makes it useful in increasing the speed of metabolic processes, increasing the feeling of fullness in the stomach and for a longer time.

Cashew plant aid weight loss because they contain fewer carbohydrates than other types of nuts, making them an ideal snack for maintaining blood sugar levels.

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How does cashew plant benefit your bones?

The cashew plant is one of the foods rich in copper, which helps maintain bone health, and prevent fragility and osteoporosis, as it also contains calcium.

Copper is also used in the production of
Collagen and elastin promote bone health.

Nutrients in the cashew plant.

The cashew plant is rich in nutrients important for the health of the body, as it contains 100 grams of cashew nuts, and the amount can be reduced or increased
Total Carbohydrates 60.4 g 20%
Dietary fiber 6.6 g 26%
Sugars 11.8 g
Protein 36.4 g
Calcium 74 mg
Potassium 1320 mg
Iron 13 mg
Carbohydrates 30.19 g
Zinc 5.78 mg.

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Benefits of cashew plant for pregnant women.

It is rich in antioxidants that strengthen immunity, prevent diseases, and maintain the health of the fetus.

It contains iron and copper, important for the production of hemoglobin and the prevention of anemia.
It contains a large amount of fiber that helps digestion, which helps pregnant women to get rid of the problem of constipation.

How to eat cashew plant.

in the best way to avoid the rotten cashew plant or the presence of a health problem that prevents eating cashews
Roasted cashews must be eaten, as the raw ones are poisonous and harmful and should not be eaten

If you suffer from any types of allergies, especially nuts, it is preferable to stay away from eating cashews.
cashew nut
The cashew is one of the evergreen tropical trees, its leaves are oval. The cashew plant can grow to a height of 14 meters. Like most fruits and trees, it produces fruits after three years of planting. The cashew fruits ripen within two months of flowering. The cashew seed is the most important part of the plant.

Advantages of general cashew plant cultivation.

cashew plant
cashew plant
cashew plant
cashew plant

First, the cashew plant is one of the plants that tolerates soil drought to a large extent and also salinity at a certain level.

The cashew plant is highly resistant to diseases, which makes the cultivation of cashew nuts easy to deal with, whether in the garden or the field.

The cashew plant needs to be fertilized in small quantities, and like many other plants, the cashew plant is fertilized twice a year.

The cashew plant is considered a profitable plant if the purpose of agriculture is to produce plants and sell them to people who need those plants.

Temperature and Humidity for cashew plant cultivation.

cashew plant
cashew plant

The cashew plant is one of the tropical trees that is distinguished by its growth in moderate or hot temperatures and it is not permissible to plant it in cold places.

Water requirements of the cashew plant.

Cashew plants can grow under drought conditions, but it is preferable to water the cashew plant twice a week and each time a good amount of water and in places that depend on water Cashew trees need rainfall from 1000 to 2000 mm per year

Do cashew plant need fullsun.

The cashew plant cannot be grown in completely shaded places, and it needs at least a few hours per day of direct sunlight.

How long does a cashew tree live?

cashew plant
cashew plant

The cashew plant can live for up to 100 years, but the economic life of most trees is 25 years, and the fruits from the third year give an economic production that increases annually.

How long does cashew take to mature?

cashew plant
cashew plant

The fruits ripen 8 weeks after pollination and must be dried before storage

Are cashew plant self pollinating?

It is possible to rely on wind and insects to pollinate the cashew plant, but it is preferable to intervene in the pollination process and use manual pollination to ensure that the fruits are pollinated and get a good crop, but it is also considered to be largely self-pollinating.

Which fertilizer is best for cashew plant?

Any fertilizer that contains phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium and microelements will be good, but it is preferable to use decomposed compost and also to use vital soil fertilizers from vital bacteria that help to increase the absorption of food for the plant to a large extent, and there are non types of fertilizers.

Is cashew plant farming profitable?

The cultivation of the cashew plant can be profitable. An acre produces about 1600 kilos, depending on the price of a kilo of cashews, and whether it will be packaged or not, and then determine the profits and also the country in which the cashews will be sold, and the manufacturing and packaging processes that are carried out on the plant, which raise its value and give greater added value. .

Where do cashews grow best?

Countries _ The cashew plant grows in hot countries such as Brazil and African countries

Can you grow a cashew plant indoors?

The cashew tree can grow indoors in a sunny area, but it needs sunlight to grow and give fruits, but it is possible to use special lamps for lighting and also use bonsai on the plant.

Do cashew trees have flowers?

Yes, the cashew tree has flowers on an inflorescence which is an indeterminate panicle.

Cashew plant distance farming

The distance between each tree and another is about 8 * 5 m.

Growing cashews from seeds
First drowning the seeds with water, excluding the seeds that float on the surface of the water.

Second, the preparation of well-drained soil free of diseases.

Third, the seeds are lowered between 3.5 to 4 cm underground.

Fourth, after germination, weak plants are disposed of.

Planting cashew in the garden after germination.

It must be ensured that the soil is free of weeds and diseases.
The plant must be placed in a suitable hole
It is necessary to constantly put an adequate amount of water for the cashew plant at this age
Fertilizing must be done at regular times.

Prune the cashew plant.

Pruning is the most important way to take care of it, as it helps the tree for ventilation and adequate lighting, by getting rid of branches that are weak and tangled. As well as the branches that suffer from diseases and this greatly helps the good growth of the cashew plant.

Pests and diseases that affect the cashew plant.

There are many pests and diseases that affect the cashew plant, especially insects. Therefore, attention must be paid to biological control or the use of pesticides, and to identify and eliminate the disease or harmful insect.

harvesting time of cashew.

Cashew nuts are collected from February to May.

How are cashews collected?

Cashews are harvested by hand using workers in the fields.

Can dogs have cashews?

Yes, cashews are generally safe for

dogs to eat.

Are there male and female cashews?

Cashews have male, female, and bisexual flowers.