jamaican star apple caimito Watering Fertilizer

The English name is Star Apple.

Scientific Name: Chrysophyllum cainito

Family: Sapotaceae

chrysophyllum caimito description description of star apple Chrysophyllum caimito.

Chrysophyllum cainito
Chrysophyllum caimito

Chrysophyllum cainito is an ornamental tree and also a fruit tree, and it is one of the evergreen trees and reaches a height of approximately 15 meters.

The top of the tree is crowded, and it is considered one of the rare trees, and the leaves are alternately oval in shape, and the surface of the lower leaf is silky to the touch with a copper color.

As for the flowers, they are purple in color, tend to white, and they are small-sized flowers that are sitting or their necks are short, and the fruits are fleshy, spherical in shape, eaten the size of an apple.

When making a cross section of the fruit, a star shape is seen inside it.

Propagation of Chrysophyllum cainito.


Propagation is done by seeds or cuttings or by air binding and by grafting.

Watering of Chrysophyllum cainito star apple trees.

These trees are among the ornamental trees that are planted in private gardens as well as in public gardens, and they need moderate irrigation without irrigating or drowning, but irrigation is done regularly and according to the condition of the soil and prevailing weather conditions.

Fertilize of Chrysophyllum cainito trees.

Full attention should be paid to the fertilization process, whether by well-decomposed organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer from NPK of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, as well as magnesium, any integrated fertilization, where organic fertilization is carried out with winter service during the month of December and January at a rate of 4 harvests of municipal fertilizers, single decomposition / tree 10 years old or more .

As for mineral fertilization, it is done according to the age of the tree and the nature of the soil.

Or it is fertilized with integrated fertilizer NPK 19-19-19 at a rate of 150 g/tree during March and August.

Uses of star apple Chrysophyllum cainito fruit.

1 – It is used as an ornamental tree or a fruit-producing tree, as it produces fruits with good taste. It is also an ornamental tree due to the beauty of its copper-coloured leaves.

2- Ripe fruits are eaten as a treatment for congestion in the esophagus and inflammation of visions, and also used as a treatment for diabetics.

3- The unripe fruits are used in the country of origin, Venezuela, to treat chronic constipation.

4- The boiled leaves of this tree are used as a treatment as they contain a high percentage of thiamine.

chrysophyllum cainito leaves

exhibits anti-inflammatory responses by reducing hypersensitivity, acts as inflammatory markers, and has antinociceptive effects.