Clerodendrum splendens Flaming glorybower fertilizer propagation and care

The scientific name for Flaming glorybower

Clerodendrum splendens

Clerodendrum splendens
Clerodendrum splendens


The original home of the plant
Clerodendrum splendens

Tropical Africa.

Botanical description of Clerodendrum splendens.

Clerodendrum splendens is an evergreen climbing shrub, up to 2 meters high. The leaves are simple, opposite, elliptical, with a leaf length of 8-14 cm.

The flowers of Clerodendrum splendens are bright red-orange in inflorescences limited to the apical, many branching, blooming during the summer and winter.

Clerodendrum splendens bush propagation.

Clerodendrum splendens is propagated by root cuttings and stem cuttings, which are grown in fertile, well-drained beds or planted in open ground. An environment consisting of humus + vermiculite in a ratio of 4: 1 with the addition of a root stimulating hormone such as the hormone indole butyric acid.

Provided that the plants are transferred after the formation of roots and the emergence of new leaves, and after they reach the appropriate length, they are planted in permanent land.

Clerodendrum splendens water.

Clerodendrum splendens climbing shrubs need regular irrigation without drowning or thirst, but irrigation is according to the state of the bushes so that the ground does not lose its moisture at all, so attention must be paid to the irrigation process always.

Fertilizing Clerodendrum splendens bushes.

Clerodendrum splendens bushes need well-degraded organic fertilization during winter service in December or January. Fertilization is done with neutral chemical fertilizer NPK 12 – 12 – 12 (nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium) at a rate of 250 g in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch within a month August .

Light requirements of Clerodendrum splendens

Clerodendrum splendens are sun-loving shrubs, so they must be planted in sunny places in order to grow well.

Planting Clerodendrum splendens bushes in home gardens.

The king’s fez is one of the beautiful shrubs that many people like to plant in home gardens for the beauty and coordination of its leaves, and also because it is a climbing shrub, as it is planted at the entrances to the doors or to cover the trunks of old trees. And also for the length of the flowering period.

Clerodendrum splendens uses

1 – Clerodendrum splendens shrubs are grown in gardens as climbing shrubs to cover fences and fences, as well as to cover the trunks of old trees.

2- Clerodendrum splendens shrubs are grown in home gardens for the beauty of their long-lasting flowers.