caring for a croton (plant) fertilize and Problems.

Scientific name of the croton plant:

( Codiaeum veriegatum )

croton family

The croton plant is a potted plant
The beauty of croton plants is due to the diversity of colors
And the forms of its leathery leaves carried on the leg

The leaves are large and lobed; Simple
The spear is green with yellow hues
And red, pink and purple (depending on the cultivar)
The leaves of one variety may be colored by more than one
The color which makes it beautiful and attractive.

The veins of the paper
Clear and colorful. Plant cultivation is good
Croton with high humidity and croton plants
short shrubs, not exceeding 2 meters in height;
Croton plants are evergreen;
And raised in sunny places and also the half
Shade ; Croton plants are grown in tubs or
Pots whose size is commensurate with the density and age of the plants
Croton flowers are small in axillary clusters.

Fertilizing croton plants indoors.

Croton plants need continuous composting
Especially foliar fertilization using compost
foliar neutralizer of nitrogen and phosphorus
And potassium N P K Fertilization is preferred with manure
Equivalent 12-12-12, once each
A week at the rate of 2 gm per liter of water. Spray on
Leaves. It also needs to add fertilizer
Organic with the onset of winter and stir
well with soil.

Croton plants need light.

Croton plants need indoors
Medium lighting, plants are preferred
Next to windows as needed
For constantly renewed air away from the currents

Increase the croton plant indoors.

Croton plants are grown indoors
Croton plants are propagated by taking cuttings
Ripe 8-10 cm long; It can also
Take the terminal cuttings and plant them in pots
a mixture of sand and compost; And done
It is planted in the soil with a third of the handle and irrigation is done
regularly; And the most suitable date for the multiplication of croton plants
During the fall and also the spring.

Croton plants requirements temperature.

Croton plants need temperatures
20-23 degrees Celsius as needed
High humidity so care must be taken in the process
Regular irrigation and not letting the soil dry out.
Croton species.

Croton type.

  • variegatum.

It is the basic type that resulted from it
Lots of varieties. of which the category

Gold – Gold moon – Gold finger –
Sunny star – Gold sun – Norma.

Problems encountered by croton plants.

  • Croton leaves fall off

Plants turn brown and it happens
Because of the high temperature of 25 degrees
Severe. As well as the dryness of the soil leads to combustion
The leaves turn brown, so it should
Pay attention to placing plants in good places
Ventilation and care of the irrigation process.

  • the temperature is lower than the rate that leads

To the drying of the lower leaves and deformation of the shape
Plants. Care should also be taken to provide lighting

Therefore, care must be taken to provide the necessary temperatures
To get good croton plants.

Croton plant fertilize and  Problems.
Croton plant fertilize and Problems.

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