powdery mildew eggplant Eggplant diseases.

Eggplant powdery mildew is a serious disease that threatens eggplant cultivation, as the disease causes a severe crop shortage, as well as the fruits being small in size and undesirable for marketing.

The fungus that causes powdery mildew in eggplant.

* Leveillula taurica.

Symptoms of powdery mildew in eggplant.

powdery mildew eggplant
powdery mildew eggplant

1 – One of the most important symptoms of eggplant powdery mildew is the appearance of minute white spots on the surfaces of the lower and upper leaf, as well as modern growth, and sometimes these spots appear on the fruits.

2 – With the increase in the severity of the disease of powdery mildew in eggplant, these spots gradually spread and pervade a large area of the lower and upper surfaces of the leaf, then the color of the leaves turns yellow.

3- Infected plants produce little yield and the fruits are very small and undesirable for marketing.
Control of powdery mildew disease in eggplant.

The appearance of powdery mildew in eggplant should be combated before the appearance of the infection (in case the disease appears in the neighboring fields) by spraying with Cumulus pesticide at a rate of 250 g / 100 liters of water

In the event that the infection appears on the plants, the following pesticides are used.

How do you get rid of powdery mildew fast?


Potassium bicarbonate.

Biological fungicides (such as Serenade

Baking soda

Does neem oil treat powdery mildew?

Yes can useed in treatment of powdery mildew.

Does overwatering cause powdery mildew in eggplant ?

Yes because of high humidity

What is the most effective fungicide?

Triazole fungicides are the most widely used fungicide

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