Fishtail palm care and propagation

Fishtail palm care
Fishtail palm care

The fishtail palm is one of the most important and widespread types of ornamental palms. It is cultivated in home gardens, and it is also grown in gardens and public parks. The fishtail palm is also grown at the entrances and exits of large cities as a distinctive expression for visitors to the city.

The original home of the fish tail palm:


fishtail palm botanical name:
Caryota mitis

fishtail palm description fishtail palm.

The fishtail palm is a monoecious palm tree that grows in groups.

fishtail palm size:
fishtail palm heightt he length of the stem reaches a length of about 4-10 meters. As for the leaves, their shape is irregular, to a large extent similar to the tail of a fish.

As for the inflorescences, they are short, and the male flowers are about 1.2 cm long. The stamens are 12-16 in number. The sepals of the female flowers are cumulative, and the petals are separate and fused at the base.

As for the fruits, they are spherical, dark red in color, tending to violet, and bloom from top to bottom.

(fishtail palm care) Fish tail palm propagation.

The fish tail palm is propagated by planting seeds, which are planted in agricultural beds, which are basins with a height of about 30 cm from the ground.


well-washed coarse sand is placed in basins + peat moss at a ratio of 4: 1, the pot is well leveled, then the seeds are planted at appropriate dimensions, provided that good irrigation is done regularly until the seeds grow and the true leaves appear with the formation of a suitable root system.

The plants are placed in planting bags or suitable pots, and successively with good service. When the size of the plants increases, they are rotated in larger pots, and so on, until they are planted in sustainable land.

Preparing the permanent land for fish tail palm cultivation:

The permanent land is prepared by making a hole with dimensions of 70 x 70 x 70 cm, provided that the soil is removed from the hole, then organic fertilizer is added, and the land is irrigated two days before planting.

After that, the palm trees are followed up with fertilization and regular irrigation. In the event of wind blowing or high temperatures, the palm trees are covered with good burlap or burlap mats and tied well.

(fishtail palm care) Fishtail palm watering.

The fish tail palm is one of the types of palm trees that need regular irrigation without drowning or thirst, while constantly observing the state of the palm with continuous follow-up.

Irrigation also depends on the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions in the area where the date palms are located.

(fishtail palm care) Fertilizing fishtail palm.

The fishtail palm tree is fertilized a year after its cultivation with well-degraded organic fertilizer at a rate of 5 kg/palm, which increases with the increase in the age of the palm tree.

Chemical fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are also used at the rate of chelate after the first year and during the second year until the third year at the following rates.

Npk14_14_14, provided that the soil is stirred well after adding fertilizer.
Homemade compost can be used. Eggshells, coffee residue, banana peels, orange peels, taking into account that the leftovers are dried first in the sun and air

(fishtail palm care) fishtail palm indoor.


One of the most beautiful types of ornamental palms that are planted inside the home gardens in the middle of the flower beds, or they are planted individually at the entrance to the inner garden on the right and on the left, according to the design of the garden.

fishtail palm poisonous to dogs and cats.

  • Fishtail palm trees are dangerous to cats and dogs.

Fishtail palm light requirements.

  • This plant prefer bright indirect light It can be planted next to the window, next to the bedroom, or near the light in the living room, and it can be planted next to the bamboo plant. They will have a beautiful effect.

Fishtail palm pruning.

how do you trim a fishtail palm?

  • cut the vertical stalks to just below the top fronds it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Fishtail Palm Uses:

  • The fish tail palm is distinguished by the beauty of its leaves that resemble the tail of a fish. Therefore, the fish tail palm is considered one of the most beautiful ornamental palm trees, whether in home gardens or public gardens.
  • The fish tail palm can be grown in large pots or planting barrels that can be planted above the roof in the roof gardens.
  • fishtail palm privacy hedge

fishtail palm can be used as a hedge, and it is considered one of the best types of hedges, due to its beauty, appropriate height, and lack of need for many nutrients. fishtail palm can be used as a fence, and it is considered one of the best types of fences, due to its beauty, appropriate height, and lack of need for many nutrients.

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