gasteria ox tongue succulent care & guide.


gasteria common name : Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue.

Scientific name :Gasteria maculata (thunb) Haw.

gasteria identification ox tongue, cow’s tongue.

Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue are juicy cactus plants, the stem length is about 20 cm, and the leaves are long, narrow, triangular, unequal sides, similar to the tongue.

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The leaf is about 15-20 cm long and about 5 cm wide. It is succulent, fleshy, with a straight top.

The leaves of the gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue plant are also characterized by being long and dark green in color and there are white dots on them, and the leaves wrap around the plant in a spiral shape in two rows, which gives it a beautiful view.

As for the flowers in the plant Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue, they are red in color, about 2 cm long, in a racemic inflorescence, about 12 cm long.

Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue plant is one of the juicy plants of cacti that need regular irrigation without drowning or thirsting, but irrigation is done according to the condition of the plant, the nature of the soil and the prevailing weather conditions in the region.

Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue fertilizing plants.

Gasteria plants are usually fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter season in December and January at the rate of 1 crop of well-decomposed organic fertilizer.

Fertilization is also done with NPK neutral chemical fertilizer 12-12-12 at a rate of 50 g / plant in two batches during the month of March and August.

Uses of Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue.

Gasteria, ox tongue, cow’s tongue plant is usually used in rock gardens in private gardens and public gardens. It is also used to decorate balconies and verandas, where it is planted in suitable pots with full care of the irrigation and fertilization process.


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