gerbera plant fertilizer soil sunlight Diseases

Definition of gerbera.

Methods of gerbera propagation from cutting and seeds.

Gerbera is a perennial plant and belongs to the compound family Fam Compositae Gerbera plants bloom in winter and spring. The flowers are multi-colored, large in size, carrying on a long inflorescence holder. The leaves are large and rough in texture. They are used for picking. Trees and shrubs are also successfully grown as ornamental plants on balconies.

Gerbera is affected in several ways, including:

* Reproduction by seeds.

* Reproduction by splitting or dividing plants.

* Reproduction by tissue culture.

In the case of seed reproduction, the seeds are sown in January and February, and flowers are produced 11-12 months after planting.

In the case of Cultivation by splitting, the plants are separated once a year, so as not to crowd the plants, and the crowding of plants leads to a lack of flowers and a decrease in the quality of flowers.

The plants are usually cut during the fall season, that is, in the The method of splitting plants blooms shortly after planting, unlike planting by seeds.

type of soil(best soil) do gerberas like& prepare soil for Gerbera

The gerbera plant is cultivated in light sandy soil, where the salinity ranges between 6 – 6.5 PH, and gerbera plants are not successful in heavy, wet soil.

fertilizer for gerbera plants

The gerbera plants are fertilized with compound fertilizer N P k 20 : 20 : 20 Fertilization is carried out at a concentration of half a gram / liter of water, provided that it is fertilized once a week.

Effect of sun light and heat on gerbera.

To get good flowers, you need to be exposed to intense light The night temperature should be low, i.e. cold night, and the most appropriate night temperature is between 10-14 degrees Celsius, and that the temperature during the day is about 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Picking Gerbera Flowers.

The flowers are picked when the flowers are fully open, and the flowers are placed during their preparation for marketing in the vertical position and not the horizontal position, as is the case in the gladiolus and the anthrahenium,

The flowers are tied In bundles, each bundle contains 12 flowers, and the flowers live a long time after picking.

Diseases and pests that affect the gerbera plant:

Gerbera plants are affected by several diseases, including .

* Root rot disease, which causes wilting of plants, which is resisted by sterilizing the soil.

* Downy mildew disease, which is resistant to spraying with appropriate pesticides.

As for the insects that infect the gerbera plant, they are.

* The dream or the oak; Mealybugs, thrips, whitefly.

gerbera plant fertilizer soil sunlight Diseases
gerbera plant fertilizer soil sunlight Diseases

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