goldfish types with pictures

The Goldfish


The golden fish is one of the most beautiful and elegant ornamental fish, which many amateurs of ornamental fish want to raise in their ornamental ponds.

And the goldfish has many species, there are about 100 varieties of goldfish, starting from the well-known goldfish to the golden fish with a head that resembles the head of a lion (Lion Head) to the golden fish with a long tail (Gold Veil Tall) to the very black fish (The Black Of Moor).

Also, the goldfish is a perennial fish, as its age reaches 25 years, and some of them tend to be long, reaching a length of about 45 cm. The size of the goldfish is not related to age or age, but is related to the way of living and feeding methods, as well as the method of caring for it.

Some types of goldfish:

common goldfish

It ichinkins a dark red fish with a luster, and its color may tend to be orange or yellow, or it may be yellow or white in color and has many colors. This fish is considered the most healthy and fertile species.

Second: the goldfish with tail (The comet):

The tailed goldfish is considered one of the most beautiful types of goldfish, and it was named by this name because of its long, bifurcated tail with sharp ends, and the tail of the tailed fish is longer than the body of the fish, as well as with more beautiful colors than the color of the body of the fish itself.

The color of the tail of the goldfish with a tail is red and yellow, and this fish is very active despite its floating fins, and if it has the appropriate and appropriate means with good nutrition, it is quick to ovulate (laying eggs).

Third: The Shubunkin:

Shubunkin fish is distinguished by its color, starting from brown, then red, then yellow, then black, then violet to blue, and there are two types of this fish, they are the London type and the Bristol type.

Whereas, the London type resembles an ordinary goldfish, while the Bristol type of fish has a long tail, except that the tail is not pointed but is round, and this fish is characterized by strength, and it is one of the many golden fish that ovulates (laying eggs).

fantail goldfishfantail goldfish

fantail goldfish

The fan-tailed fish differs in the shape of the body and the shape of the tail. The tail is double in the form of an inverted V letter, and it is characterized by very slow movement.

veiltail golden fish.

veiltail golden fish.
veiltail golden fish.

The fish with a burqa-like tail is characterized by a long tail that is longer than the body of the fish, and the tail is double and not bifurcated, while the body is circular and the pectoral fin is erect and clearly raised from the body.

This type of fish is not violent and is affected by temperature changes, and there is a kind of it with telescopic eyes protruding forward (Pig Eyes).

Sixth: the Moor goldfish:

Moor goldfish:
Moor goldfish:

The Moore goldfish has telescopic eyes, protruding and very black. This fish is often bright and changes color when it ages from black to bronze.

Celestail Goldfish

 Celestail Goldfish
Celestail Goldfish

Salestel goldfish turns its right eye to the left and its left eye to the right, and it knows the location of food through the sense of smell, and the telescopic eyes turn upward with age.

Eighth: The Lion Head goldfish:

Lion Head goldfish:
Lion Head goldfish:

The lion-headed goldfish has a strawberry-colored head. This fish does not have dorsal fins. It has a double tail and a round body. One of its most important characteristics is that it needs a high percentage of dissolved oxygen in the aquarium water.

Oranda goldfish:

The Oranda goldfish is very similar to the lion’s head fish, but it has long double fins at the tail, and it is a bright orange fish that mixes with the red color in a very beautiful shape.

Tenth: the golden fish with a scaly scale (Bearl Scle gold fish):

Bearl Scle
Bearl Scle

The scaled-up fish is covered with prominent white scales, with a protrusion that resembles a round ping-pong ball.

Eleventh: the golden fish with the bubble eye:

The original home of the goldfish with the bubble eye is China, and it has two bubbles next to the eye, it has a thick liquid, and its color is yellow or bright orange, and it is considered one of the rare ornamental fish.

Twelfth: The Golden Egg Fish (egg Fish):

Egg-fish goldfish

The golden egg fish is an egg-like fish (oval in shape) that has short fins and no dorsal fins.