greenhouse cucumber production guide

The importance of cucumber production under plastic tunnels


Cucumber is one of the most consumed plants by many consumers, in addition to that it generates a great income for farmers. It is known that cucumber is a summer crop, which is grown in two loops, namely, the summer loop and the autumn loop. As for the cultivation of cucumbers under protected greenhouses, it is cultivated throughout the year in several consecutive loops and thus appears In the markets throughout the year, in addition to the fact that cucumbers are income-generating crops and very profitable for many farmers.

Environmental conditions suitable for cucumber cultivation.

Cucumber plants need different environmental conditions and care must be taken to provide those appropriate conditions to obtain a good crop and also good fruits suitable for quick consumption, thus raising farmers’ income. Among the most important of these environmental conditions are as follows.

cucumber growing temperature celsius

The temperature suitable for cucumber cultivation is one of the most important environmental conditions that must be available for cultivated plants. The most suitable temperature for cucumber growth is 15-35 degrees Celsius, and lower temperatures than this rate leads to delays in the emergence of seedlings, and an increase in temperature above this rate leads to To burn cucumber leaves.

Note that higher temperatures than the appropriate rate with the long day leads to the emergence of a large number of male flowers, and also a lower temperature than the appropriate rate leads to the emergence of many feminine flowers. Also, the increase in temperature above the average with low humidity leads to a delay in the period necessary for the appearance of flowers. Feminine, and drought leads to an increase in male flowers.

Second: the light.

Good lighting leads to a decrease in the leaf area and an increase in the number of branches, thus increasing the total area of ​​​​the leaves, and thus increasing the amount of the resulting crop, while the increase in temperature with the length of the light period leads to the production of male flowers in large numbers, and the decrease in temperature with the short duration of lighting leads to the production of flowers Feminine, so the greenhouse must be washed during winter to provide the appropriate degree of lighting.

Third: humidity.

The humidity should not be less than 70%, and the most appropriate humidity is 80-90%, knowing that the increase or decrease leads to the impact on the quantity of the production of fruits with a sharp decrease, and attention should be given to providing ventilation constantly so that fungal diseases do not appear.

Cucumber planting date under plastic tunnels.

The cucumber planting must be taken into account on the scheduled dates, which are as follows.

Early autumn season.

Cultivation of cucumbers under the greenhouse
Cucumber cultivation
This seasonis planted in early September and the seeds are planted in the nursery during mid-September. The crop is collected from the beginning of mid-October and the collection ends in late January.

Medium autumn season.

This seasonis planted during mid-September and the seeds are planted in the nursery during early October. The crop collection begins during early November and continues until mid-February.

Early winter season.

This loop is planted during the beginning of October, the seedling is planted during the middle of October, and the harvest begins during the beginning of December, and the collection continues until the end of April.

Late winter lug.

It is planted during the month of November and is planted in the nursery from mid-November to mid-December, and collection begins during January and February, and collection continues until early May.

Early spring season.
The seeds are planted during the beginning of January and the nursery is planted in the beginning of February, and the collection is done during the month of March and continues until the end of May.

Late spring season.

Sowing of seeds is carried out during mid-January and continues until mid-February, and is collected from the beginning of March until late June.

Summer season.
The seeds are planted during the month of May, and the seedlings are planted from mid-May to early June, and they are collected from mid-June to mid-September.