growing roses from stem cutting

Growing roses from the stem
Roses are grown for various purposes, including planting roses in basins to give the aesthetic shape of the place, as well as to obtain flowers with good qualities
Planting roses from the stem in the basins.

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Roses are planted in gardens in basins, which are an area of land dedicated to the cultivation of rose plants, and the basins may be in the middle of a green flat so that rose trees can be seen from all directions. When planting roses in basins in the middle of the green surface, these basins are usually regular in shape Rose plants are planted at regular distances from each other, and varieties of coordination roses or hybrid roses (tea roses) are used in the cultivation of basins. from the edges of the basin.

Some short plants are planted on the outer borders of the basin, such as the violet plant, the geranium plant, or the geranium plant, or the phlox plant is planted, or bulbs such as Crocus bulbs are planted! These short plants are planted to define the basins and give an aesthetic shape to the basin.

The edges of the basins may be surrounded by the edges of the basins.

Also, with some stones and gravel to define the basin, and also as an aesthetic form, the important thing is to have an attractive aesthetic shape.

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As for the basins parallel to the road, one row of shrubby or typical plants is planted as a furniture plant in the basin, and rose plants are planted around it from types of coordination roses or dwarf roses, and the width of the basin must not conflict with traffic on the road. It is preferable to use one type. Of dendritic roses, as well as one color of coordination roses or dwarf roses, for example, yellow color is used in the middle and surrounded by red or vice versa.

Specifications of the types of roses grown in basins.

1- To give a monthly growth. 2- The flowers appear at different levels on the plant and not only at the top. 3- The plants should have a good vegetative collection of abundant and shiny leaves. 4- The rose plants grown in ponds should be resistant to fungal diseases. Cultivation of types of roses that tolerate low temperatures in winter.


growing roses from stem cutting
growing roses from stem cutting