Harrisia Bonplandii Care & Grow Guide

Scientific name of Harissa plant:
Harrisia Bonplandi and Rose:

The original home of the Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant:

Brazil..Paraguay & Argentina:

Botanical description of Harrisia bonplandii cactus:

Harrisia bonplandii
Harrisia bonplandii

Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant is one of the thorny cacti. It is a standing plant growing at the beginning of its life, then it becomes a creeping, climbing plant with ribbed branches, the number of ribs ranges between 4-6, strong and clear ribs with cushions, from which gray thorns emerge in a small number.

The diameter of the leg reaches about 5-8 cm, which extends for several meters, and on it are cushions from which spines of about 2 cm in length emerge from each cushion of 4-10 spines.

As for the flowers, they are large, bucolic in shape, white in color, and open at sunset. As for the fruits, they are large, semi-round, and when fully ripe, they become red in color with a white pulp embedded inside numerous small black seeds. The fruit remains hanging on the plant for several months.

Harrisia bonplandii cactus propagation:

Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant is propagated by planting seeds during the summer, where the seeds are planted in planting tubes or wooden planting boxes, and they are taken care of until they germinate, then they are singled out in suitable pots or planting bags until they take the appropriate size, as they are rotated in larger pots until they are Cultivation in the permanent land.

Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant is also propagated by stem cuttings that are obtained from aged plants, where they are grown during the summer and when the appropriate root system emerges, they are rotated in larger pots and so on until they are planted in permanent land.

Harrisia bonplandii watering

Harrisia bonplandii is one of the cacti that must be taken full care when carrying out the irrigation process, as the plants should not be exposed to thirst or increased irrigation that leads to rotting of the roots. Therefore, full care must be taken not to expose the plants to heavy irrigation or extreme thirst.

Harrisia bonplandii fertilizer

Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant is fertilized using well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter season in December and January

The intentions of Harrisia bonplandii cactus are also fertilized with neutral (chemical) mineral fertilizer NPK 12-12-12 at a rate of 250 gm / plant 5-10 years old in two batches, provided that the first batch is during the month of March and the second batch is during the month of August.

Harrisia bonplandii Light requirements

Harrisia bonplandii is one of the cactus plants that need bright sunlight for long periods, so care must be taken to plant it in bright sunny places so that the plant can grow well.

It is also one of the cacti that can be grown in suitable pots, preferably made of pottery, and placed in sunny places.

Harrisia bonplandii indoor

Harrisia bonplandii cactus planting is successful in home gardens, whether in flower beds or grown alone at the entrance.

The Harrisia bonplandii plant can also be grown in pottery pots and placed on sunny balconies or balconies, as this plant needs direct sunlight for long periods.

The Harrisia bonplandii cactus plant is also distinguished by the beauty of the flowers that bloom at sunset, which gives the place joy and happiness.

Harrisia bonplandii uses

1 – Harrisia bonplandii cactus is grown in rocky gardens as ornamental plants with a beautiful shape.

2 – Harrisia bonplandii cactus is grown in home gardens, whether in the garden or on sunny balconies.

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