Honey Bracelet Plant Care & Grow

Scientific name of the ornamental shrub Melaleuca:
Melalelauca armillais (Soland ox Caretn) Sm:
The original home of honey bracelet

Se. Australia:

Botanical description of the ornamental honey bracelet
Honey bracelet is a small, evergreen shrub with a height of about 9 meters. It has a gray bark with cavities that crack into slices.
The leaves are pinnate, curved, and striped, about 3 cm long. White in color, they gather in spikelet inflorescences about 5 cm long, emerging on the old branches.

honey bracelet plant propagation

Honey Bracelet Plant Care& Grow
Honey Bracelet Plant Care& Grow

Melaleuca ornamental shrubs are propagated by planting seeds, where they are grown in the appropriate environment, which consists of peat moss + sand + silt in a ratio of 2: 1: 1, provided that the seeds are soaked before planting in a fungicide solution for 3 minutes.

Then they are planted in planting holes or wooden planting boxes, and successively with good agricultural service until the true leaves emerge and a suitable root system is formed, where they are separated into suitable planting pots or bags.

After a while, the ornamental melaleuca saplings are rotated in larger pots or planting bags, and so on, until they are planted in permanent land.

honey bracelet plant is also propagated, where cuttings of the appropriate length are taken and are about 25 cm long, where they are treated in a suitable fungal solution and then planted in fertile, well-drained agricultural beds or beds until they give a suitable root system, where they are singled out in pots or suitable cultivation bags until It is cultivated in sustainable land.

honey bracelet plant watering

honey bracelet plant needs moderate irrigation without drowning or thirst, but irrigation is done according to the needs of the shrubs.

watering process also depends on the nature of the soil and the environmental conditions in the region, as the high temperatures with the intensity of the profits lead to a reduction in the period between irrigations.

honey bracelet plant fertilizer

honey bracelet plant need good fertilization during the growth period, where well-decomposed organic fertilizer is added at a rate of 10 kg + 300 gm of 15% monosuperphosphate fertilizer / bush from the age of 5-7.

honey bracelet plant are also fertilized with neutral (chemical) mineral fertilizer NPK 19: 19: 19 of Nitro-Phosphorus-Potassium at a rate of 400 gm in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

honey bracelet plant light requirements

honey bracelet plant should be grown in sunny, well-lit places, as light is very important for the process of photosynthesis in which the plant uses the energy it derives from the light arriving at the mechanism in the representation of carbon dioxide + water in the construction of carbohydrates, from which the rest of the other food components are created.

honey bracelet plant in home

honey bracelet plant are grown in home gardens for their stunning beauty, where they are planted singly or in groups. They are also planted in the middle of flower beds, as they give a beautiful shape to the garden.

honey bracelet plant benefits

Honey Bracelet Plant are among the beautiful shaped shrubs that are grown in public gardens and private gardens, where they are grown either singly or in groups.