honeysuckle description propagate water needs fertilize care and guide

japanese honeysuckle scientific name.

Lonicera Japonica Thunb .

English name for climbing honeysuckle:

Japanese Honeysuckle .
Botanical description of the climbing honeysuckle plant.

Flower Color

what is a japanese honeysuckle.

honeysuckle description propagatewater needs fertilize care and guid
honeysuckle description propagatewater needs fertilize care and guid

honeysuckle plant
A plant of strong climbing plants, it is a semi-deciduous plant, and it grows well in cold areas, and the leaves come out in pairs of oval shape.

As for the flowers, they are tubular in shape with two lips and have a white color that turns yellow when they start to wilt, and the flowers of an inch plant are aromatic, and the flowers come out from the armpits of the leaves.

how to propagate honeysuckle bush.

amaryllis plant
An inch of fed plants are propagated by cuttings obtained from large plants, and honeysuckle plants are propagated by air laying.

honeysuckle water needs.

honeysuckle is one of the plants that needs constant irrigation and the plants are not left without irrigation for long periods, so he likes to pay full attention to the irrigation process so that the irrigation is regular without drowning or thirsting.

honeysuckle fertilizer.

The honeysuckle plant is usually fertilized with NPK-neutral chemical fertilizer so that it is continuously fertilized almost every month using neutral fertilizer 12-12-12 at a rate ranging between 50-100 g / tree every three or four months, and neutral fertilizer is used as a sprinkler on the leaves at a rate of 2 g 1 liter of water once a month until good vegetative growth is obtained.

what are the benefits of honeysuckle.

1- The honeysuckle plant is cultivated for the beauty of its leaves and also for the abundance of flowers that add beauty and splendor to the garden.

2- The climbing honeysuckle plant can be grown in coastal areas, as it tolerates sea currents.

3- An excellent essential oil is extracted from the flowers.

honeysuckle is poisonous.


honeysuckle plant is not considered poisonous. But dermatitis may occur in sensitive individuals.



honeysuckle description propagatewater needs fertilize care and guid.