How to care for money tree

Scientific name of the money tree
Pachira aqutica aubl:
The original home of the money tree
South America:
Botanical description of money tree

money tree is an ornamental tree, from small to medium sized trees. It is an evergreen tree with a height of about 5-10 meters. It is an ornamental tree that prefers to grow beside rivers and swamps.

money tree are characterized by a smooth green trunk, and the leaves are palmate, composed of 5-7 leathery, oblong petiolate leaflets with a full edge.

The flowers of the money tree are large in size, reaching 10-15 cm in length. They are pink in color, with a yellow interior, and they have a strong aromatic scent. They are also numerous in stamens equal to the length of the petals.

As for the fruits, they are a wooden box (capsule), inside which there is an implanted pulp containing many seeds.

Propagation of money tree

money tree are propagated by planting seeds immediately after their maturity, where the seeds are planted in planting trays or wooden planting boxes that contain a good agricultural environment consisting of peat moss + silt + sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 1, where the seeds are planted with good care. In order for the seeds to grow, the real leaves to come out, and a suitable root system to form, the plants are singled out in suitable planting bags or pots.

When the plants reach the appropriate length, they are rotated in pots or larger planting bags, and so on, until they are planted in permanent land.

money tree are also propagated by planting cuttings that are obtained from well-growing, aged branches, where the cuttings are grown in agricultural beds that contain a good agricultural environment consisting of peat moss + silt + sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 1, and they are well taken care of until They form a good root system, as they are separated into suitable planting bags or pots.

After a period of plant growth, they are rotated in pots or suitable planting bags until they reach the appropriate length for cultivation in sustainable land.

money tree watering

money tree are preferred to be planted near rivers and swamps! This is because it is one of the trees close to the half-water trees, and the lack of water around the roots can lead to the cessation of tree growth or its death in some cases.

Therefore, the cultivation of money tree

away from a permanent source of water is to irrigate day after day and not to expose the trees to thirst at all, in order to obtain trees with very good growth.

Fertilizing money tree:

money tree need good fertilization during the growth period, as the trees are fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter service in December or January at a rate of 5 kg + 300 g / tree from 5-7 years of age.

money tree are also fertilized with mineral (chemical) fertilizer neutral NPK 12: 12: 12 of nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium at a rate of 400 g, provided that the fertilizer is done in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

Light requirements money tree

money tree need to be planted in sunny, well-lit places so that the trees can grow well.

Where it is known that light is very important for the process of photosynthesis in which the plant uses the energy that the plant derives from the light that reaches the mechanism in the representation of carbon dioxide + water in the building of carbohydrates, from which the rest of the other nutrients are created.

Soil for money tree

money tree should be planted in a very fertile soil with good drainage and free of harmful salts, as it is one of the trees sensitive to salinity, whether the salinity of the soil or the salinity of the irrigation water.

money tree should also be planted in soil that is neutral in acidity and neutral in alkalinity, provided that the soil PH is between approximately 5.5-6.5.

money tree planting

money tree are among the money tree that many owners of private gardens like to plant in home gardens for the beauty of the flowers as well as the scent of the smart flowers.

We used to think that it is one of the trees that can be planted next to the water sources in the garden, or it is planted in the dialogue of the walls and at the entrance to the garden.

Uses money tree

1- money tree are planted in gardens and public parks for the beauty of the flowers and their smart scent.

2 – money tree are planted next to rivers and swamps, which are similar to willow trees.

3- money tree are grown in home gardens for the beauty of the flowers as well as for their fragrant, fragrant scent.
4- money tree wood is used in home decoration works, due to the green color of the stem, soft to the touch.