how to grow dahlias

Definition of dahlias

orange dahlia flower

Dahlia plants are one of the most beautiful ornamental plants
which produces

Flowers of many colors and shapes, and dahlia continue to bloom

For a long period of the year, dahlia plants follow

family compositae.

The cultivation of dahlia plants is widespread in gardens because of this

The length of the flowering season, which extends from the month of July

Until October of each year.

The importance of growing dahlia plants.

dahlia growing preferences

1- The multiplicity of colors and shapes of its flowers, as it suits all

Some dahlias produce single flowers

While others produce double flowers, including

Flowers are small in size, some of them are medium in size and others

It is large in size, and there are many colors of flowers.

2- The height of plants ranges between 25-180 cm, so

They are found in gardens where they are planted in ponds

Front or back basins or galaxies of flowers.

3- Dahlia flowers are used successfully in arranging vases

inside homes.

4- Dahlia plants have a long flowering season that may extend to

Five months, making it a profitable cultivation.

5- There are many types of dahlia plants, including winter dahlias

And other summer dahlia plants.

6- Dahlia plants form tuberous roots that are used for propagation
Root Tuber
It’s roots, it doesn’t exist

It has internodes, and the buds are located in the . region

The apex) as for the fibrous roots, it is in

The basal end of the tuber, and the root store Nutrients

Types of dahlias.

pink petal flower

There are multiple varieties of dahlia plants.
Anemone-Flowered and Collarette Dahlias
Ball and Pompon Dahlias.
Border Dahlias
Cactus and Semi-Cactus Dahlias.
Decorative Dahlias
Dinnerplate Dahlias
Single and Peony-Flowered Dahlias.
Waterlily Dahlias

dahlia fertilizer requirements

Fertilization of dahlia plants should be nurtured properly

Continuous NPK 2 – 10 – 2 on

Fertilization is carried out during the beginning of July and the month of

Amaryllis Plant

August, provided that one plant is fertilized

At a rate of 50-100g of NPK every 15

day .

Care must also be taken to irrigate dahlia plants without

Drowning or dehydrating, but wetlands are provided

Continuously around plants.

Native plant

Baby sun rose