how to grow eggplant from seeds


Eggplant is one of the most profitable and income-generating crops

an introduction

How to grow eggplant Eggplant is one of the summer crops that many farmers are interested in growing, because cultivation is profitable and it is available in many lands. There are many types of eggplant in terms of color, shape, taste and size according to the place of cultivation. Also, some fertilizer elements play a role in the taste and the arrival of the fruit to the appropriate size for marketing and sale, whether in European or local markets

eggplant growing tips

eggplant temperature tolerance Eggplant blooms well at low temperatures

Effect of temperature on seed germination The optimum temperature for germination is between 34-35°C

From 20-27 degrees Celsius at night is the optimum, and the highest is 35 degrees Celsius during the day and does not tolerate frost.

Eggplant is a photosensitive plant with respect to the effect of light on flowers.

eggplant planting time

How to grow eggplant

summer season
The seedlings are planted there during the month of March

 Late summer season.

The seedlings are sown during the months of April and May and yields a crop during the June, July and August

autumn sown crops

Sowing the seeds during the month of July and August, and the crop is given within a month September, October and November while protecting it from high temperatures by covering Plant shading or green net for plants, so that high temperatures do not affect the germination in the nursery

winter season
This season you will find in places with warm winters only.

Eggplant seed quantity per acre

One acre needs 160 g to 200 g of seeds from a reliable source, and an acre needs

8000 – 10,000 seedlings of the black variety, as for the amount of seeds needed

How To Grow Eggplant From Seeds

eggplant fertilizer application

1- After a month of transfer to the permanent land, 200 kg of ammonium sulfate is added

2- After two months of transfer to the permanent land, 150 kg of single super phosphate is added Calcium + 200 kg from Ammonium sulfate fertilizer

3- When flowering 50-60% of the cultivated plants, 200 kg of ammonium sulfate + 50 kg of potassium sulfate fertilizer are added.