How to plant and grow freesia bulbs fertilizer watering pruning propagation

Scientific name – Freesia hybrida . English name – Freesia.

Freesia plant is a corm and blooms in winter. The original home of the freesia plant is South Africa, and it is called Freesia hydrida – because of the hybrid, the flowers are tubular or tubular in shape, and the flowers are in multi-colored comb inflorescence, including white, yellow, pink, pink and orange, and there are also purple ones .

Freesia flower has a light aromatic smell. Freesia flowers are used as picking flowers. Freesia is grown in flower beds or galaxies, as well as in pots.

The following varieties are successfully cultivated, the most important of which are .

* White Swan .

* Royal blue .

* Class Blue Heaven .

* Rose Maria

Propagation of the freesia plant. First: sexual augmentation.

Sexual reproduction By seeds resulting from hybridization with insects or artificial pollination in order to obtain new varieties, and the seeds retain their viability for a long period of up to three years. .

As for the plants resulting from planting seeds, their flowering is delayed by about 2-3 months than their counterparts resulting from vegetative propagation

Second: Vegetative propagation.

Vegetable propagation is done by vines, and it is preferable to plant large vines that are well-ripened and free from fungal diseases and insect pests.

Factors affecting the growth and flowering of freesia. 1- The temperature.

The most suitable temperature for the vegetative growth of freesia plants ranges between 15-18 degrees Celsius, lowering the temperature leads to delaying flowering, while raising the temperature up to 20 degrees Celsius during the formation of flower buds leads to the lack of full development of the flowering carriers.

2 – Suitable soil.

It is preferable to plant freesia corms In light yellow lands with good drainage and free of harmful salts, a mixture of sand + dry decomposed leaves (compost) can be used in a ratio of 1: 1 in size to produce high-quality flowers and also a high crop of corms at the end of the season.

3 – Preparing soil for planting freesia bulbs.

To produce high quality freesia flowers, corms are grown In lines at a rate of 14 lines in the two reeds, the planting is done on one side of the line and at a distance of 10 cm from each other.

When planting for the purpose of arranging gardens, they are planted in galaxies in pots at a rate of 3-4 corms in the pot, distributed appropriately.

4 – Freesia bulbs planting date.

It has been proven that early in the planting date leads to the production of plants with strong vegetative growth that helps to produce high-quality flowers at the end of the season, and it is recommended to plant in late September and not be late than early October,

The freesia flowering season in Egypt is short, as it begins in late February and lasts from 2-3 weeks, as the flowering season ends in mid-March.

5 – Watering freesia plants.

It is necessary to take full care of irrigating the freesia plants, as it is recommended to water the potted freesia plants every two or three days at most during the winter season.

6- Fertilizing freesia plants.

Freesia plants do not need high rates of fertilizer, especially when planting large corms with a circumference of 7-8 cm The plant needs one gram of the mixture of N P K Nitrogen – Phosphorous – Potassium (1: 2: 1).

The fertilizer is added in 4 batches during the plant’s life season, but when planting small corms, 3 g of the commercial preparation Multi is added, which contains NPK (13-3-43) is added on 4 times during the growing season of plants from the first of December until the beginning of March, this led to a good vegetative total as well as good flowers and also to obtaining high-quality corms.

ur sukoon  Where irrigation is prevented from plants until the soil dries out, then the corms are taken off in mid-May and the corms are cleaned of the remnants of the old corms, and kept in a ventilated place away from sunlight and at a temperature  room.

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Picking freesia flowers.

Freesia flowers are harvested according to the purpose of marketing, as follows.

* The flowers are picked in the mature green bud stage one week before entering the stage of commercial picking.

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*Picking is done when the first flower opens and the color begins to appear in the mature flower.

*Picking is done when the first flower opens.

Treatment of freesia flowers to the consumer.

* Re-cut 2-3 cm from the base of the stem and put it in clean water, adding 1-2 drops of Clorex solution.

* The vases are placed in a place away from sunlight and air currents.


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