Hydroponic farms on roofs (vertical farming)

hydroponics method:
This method is used to grow strawberry and lettuce plants in pipes (the hydroponic method or system using NFT film), where the plants are fed using a very thin stream of the nutrient solution inside the cultivation channels (pipes).

In this method or this system, the roots of plants grow in the form of a mat, where the lower part of this mat is immersed in the nutrient solution to absorb water and nutrients, while the upper part is moist and not exposed to the air, in order to supply the roots with the oxygen necessary for the respiration process.

This system or method is used to grow strawberry plants and other low-growing crops. In this method, PVC pipes with a diameter of 4 inches (110 mm) are designed for which iron supports are designed in the form of a triangle taking the letter A, which gives the maximum vertical agricultural intensification.

Taking into account that each plant takes its right to light, the pipes are stacked after making holes with a diameter of 3 inches at distances of 20 cm between the plant and the other, then the plants are planted in the holes in the pipes.

An irrigation system or an irrigation network must also be established where the source of water entry is from the highest point and drainage is from the lowest point. This method is used commercially to produce the strawberry crop at a good commercial level. Also, in this method, crops of limited growth are cultivated with very great success.

This method is characterized by success in agricultural intensification and optimization of the same area, as 30-40 plants are planted per square meter by placing 4 pipes on each side of the triangle, thus we obtain a high agricultural intensification per square meter.

And a tank is made to collect the water, which is a wooden frame with a length of 2 meters, a width of one meter and a height of 30 cm, lined with polyethylene plastic, thickness of 1 mm, covered with foam board, density 20, and cultivation is carried out on it after perforation with a diameter of 5 cm, which is the diameter of the cultivation cups where 45 are planted Strawberry plant.

There must also be a watery side to drain the excess water after the plant takes its need of water (drainage) and then collects in the water where a pump in the tank distributes the water again, and fertilization is usually done in vertical hydroponics using a diluted nutrient solution.