Ladyfinger Cactus care & grow

The scientific name for the ornamental cactus is Mammalaria longata

Mammillaria elongsta de (Candolle):

The original home of the ornamental cactus Mammalaria longata:

Botanical description of

The scientific name for lady finger cactus

Mammillaria elongsta de (Candolle):

original home of lady finger cactus


Lady Finger Cactus lifespan:

up to 20 years

Botanical description of lady finger cactus (overview)

lady finger cactus, a cylindrical plant whose stem reaches a height of 15 cm and a diameter of about 3 cm. It forms a mass of a group of plants in an attractive manner, some upright and the other semi-upright flattened with a slightly woolly or smooth base.

And there are spherical cushions on the plant, each one bearing about 20 short radial thorns of different shapes, yellow in color, spread over the plant in a star shape, the central thorns are usually absent,

As for the flowers, they are yellow in color, very small in size.

lady finger cactus propagation

Ladyfinger Cactus care& grow
Ladyfinger Cactus care& grow

lady finger cactus lady finger cactus is propagated by planting seeds, which are obtained from the plant, provided that planting takes place after soaking the seeds in a suitable fungicide solution for 3 minutes.

Seeds are planted in planting holes or wooden planting boxes that contain a fertile, well-drained environment composed of peat moss + silt + sand at a ratio of 2: 1: 1. It is preferable to plant in protected greenhouses.

When the true leaves emerge and a suitable root system is formed, the plants are separated into sitable pots or planting bags, and the service continues until they are rotated in pots or planting bags until they reach the appropriate size for cultivation in the permanent land.

lady finger cactus is also propagated by rearing cultivation obtained from the mother plants, where it is grown in fertile, well-drained basins.

The back can be planted directly in the ground, or it can be rotated in suitable pots until it is planted in sustainable land.

lady finger cactus water needs

lady finger cactus must be watered very moderately, especially during the winter season, as irrigation is done almost every month without drowning at all.

As for during the spring, summer and fall seasons, irrigation is done every 15-21 days also without flooding at all! .

lady finger cactus food (fertilizer)

Usually, lady finger cactus is fertilized with neutral (chemical) fertilizer NPK 12: 12: 12, at a rate of 50 gm / plant, provided that the fertilization takes place in 5 batches, at a rate of 10 gm in each batch, during the spring and summer seasons.

lady finger cactus sunlight requirements

lady finger cactus needed. lady finger cactus need planting in sunny places with high light, as it is known that light is very important for the plant to continue growing.

Light is also very important to complete the process of photosynthesis, in which the plant uses the energy it uses from the light to metabolize carbon dioxide + water to build carbohydrates, from which the rest of the food components are created.

Also, the lack of light reaching the plant leads to wilting, yellowing and death of the leaves at the end, and it may lead to dwarfing of the plants before their death.

lady finger cactus soil

lady finger cactus must be grown in fertile, well-drained soil, and the soil must be free of salinity, and it is very important that it be neutral and strong (soil pH) between approximately 5.5-6.5.

lady finger cactus planting indoors

The ornamental cactus plant Mammalaria longata is one of the most beautiful and delicate ornamental cacti that are grown in home gardens, as it is grown in groups on the sides of the basins in a wonderfully beautiful form.
The ornamental cactus Mammalaria longata is also grown in colorful pots that are placed on balconies or in verandahs, provided that they are well lit and receive sunlight for long periods.

lady finger cactus uses

1- lady finger cactus is used in public gardens and ornamental gardens.

2- lady finger cactus in home gardens, and it is also grown on balconies and verandahs in sunny places.

Ladyfinger Cactus care & grow

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