light requirements for dahlias

light requirements for dahlias

native country Mexico and Guatemala, in certain mountainous regions

Light is considered one of the most important considerations for plants. In general, the Dahlia plantis one of the plants that should be direct sunlight, and the dahlia plant should to be in the light most of time, because indirect light not sufficient for the dahlia plant , so the plant must be in a place near the window, at a close distance from the sun.

Insufficient lighting leads to a tendency for the plant to turn white as a result of the lack of chlorophyll production.

Dahlias planted in shady places won’t die out necessarily. They will be taller than usual, to get more light it like the process make taller root to rich water but in this case to rich light instead this process happened to a lot of plant

Dahlia plant needs at least 6 to 8 hours direct light.

Dahlia plant in the bedroom without lighting

Dahlia plantshould not be in a place without lighting. It will not be able to survive, after a period of up to two weeks will die.

light requirements for dahlias
light requirements for dahlias

Dahlia plant and moon light.

According to a number of researches, moonlight affects the dahlia plant in terms of wound healing and plant immunity against diseases, as well as the maximum benefit from the nutrients that are given to the dahlia plant, as there is a daily or semi-daily rhythm of sunlight and the moon that simulates the natural environment of the plant, which helps to grow efficiently and effectively.

UV light affect Dahlia plant


UV rays are extremely important for plant growth as well. In safe doses, UV rays help in the production of oils as well as help increase your yield. It also increases the root production of the dahlia plant, which improves the absorption of nutrients for the dahlia plant and also helps the dahlia plant to fight bacteria, diseases and viruses.

Dahlia plant like morning or afternoon sun?

Morning because dahlia plant love water and so much heat will be not good for dahlia .

Dahlia plant germination and light.

Dahlia plant love light and will sprout best in light and humaidity this will help to sprout in such short period of time.