money plant pothos watering fertilizer Varieties how to grow

#How to grow pothos at home.

Common names: Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum

Choosing the planting pot according to your taste and planting precautions for pothos:

Bring a container or pot for planting
Get sterile scissors and cut a long branch from a strong plant that has many leaves.

Put pothos at soil a depth of 3 cm or 4 cm and preferably dipped the branch in a solution of fertilization
Water the plant regularly with care that does not drown or thirst
The scientific name of the potts plant
Epipremnum – Skin dapsus

money plant pothos watering fertilizer Varieties how to grow

money plant pothos watering fertilizer Varieties how to grow

Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum are an ornamental plant
The plant belongs to the taro family (Araceae).
Information about the pots plant.
Potts are one of the foliar potted plants

Suitable for use in homes, offices, or

hotels; It is a powerful climbing plant

air sprouts; Breeding bots in Hang

Or hibernation hanging and hanging leaves give shape

my aesthetic is very attractive; Potts can be grown

In Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum and placed on the ground and need

Supportive to climb on it and reach a height of

Approximately 60-70 cm in color and pots leaves

Greener and variegated varieties with white spots

or yellow; Even some types of bots

Spaces can be overwhelmed


snake plant care

# Types of Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum Plants:-

The most important types of pothos plant spread indoors

It is a very common type.


It is also called the golden boots or ivy

diabolical; It is a climbing or crawling species

It extends to 180-200 cm and has shiny green leaves

Similar to the leaves of the philodendron scandens plant

Potts plant is characterized by more yellow color.

One of the most important types of this type

1- Golden Queen.

This type of plant is characterized by the fact that

The yellow areas on the leaves are more and more general

of green spaces.

2- Marble Queen.

This type of plant is characterized by the fact that

white colored paper; so called

Marble Queen.

3- Tricolor.

This type of plant is characterized by the fact that

Dark green leaves with yellow spots

Pale or creamy.

One of the important types of Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum plant also type.

S- pictus- argyraeus .

This type of Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum plant is characterized by its leaves

Small green mottled with silver dots and edges

The leaves are silver in color.
Potts plant care? at home:
Where the pots plant needs a warm atmosphere

In the winter so that the temperature does not drop

about 10-12 degrees Celsius; also needs to

Good lighting, out of the sun

direct; It has been observed that with increasing light

Mottled areas increase on the surface of the leaf

white or yellow spotting;

The pot plant also needs abundant watering

And never leave the ground to dry out

Especially during the period of growth activity during the season

spring, summer and autumn; where should

Spray the leaves with water two or three times to save

High humidity for plants to grow

money plant plant fertilization.
Why does the Potts plant not grow?
Fertilizing the money plant The potting plant needs full care

#FertilizationGolden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum are fertilized with compost.

Neutral NPK compound 14-14-14or 20-20-20

Nitrogen – phosphorous – potassium and that

At a rate of 5 g per liter of water, once

One every week.

Use this fertilizer hase good effect

Jack’s Classic All Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20).

#homemade fertilizer for pothos.

homemade fertilizer for pothos
homemade fertilizer for pothos

what is the best homemade fertilizer liquid and granular fertilizer good for pothos.

  • Eggshell Tea.
  • Banana peels mixture
  • Used tea as a fertilizer
  • Cow dung mixture if you have caw
  • Worm compost tea
  • potatoes as a fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizer form kitchen waste
  • Animal manure

Propagation of Money Plant

How do I make potts plant? Climbs.
As it is possible to multiply the potts plant during

spring ; And through the peripheral mind

To be planted in suitable pots with reduced

Light and humidity at the beginning of planting until

The mind succeeds in forming roots.

Also, during spring and summer,

Rotate the plant in larger money plant to get it

The plant has a larger area for root growth and increase

The stems and leaves of the plant.

#Treating the problems of raising money plant.

at home:
Pothos do not grow. Causes and solutions.
First: yellowing and falling of leaves and rotting of the stem.

Leaf yellowing and stem rot are caused by

Excessive watering, especially during winter

Where watering must be done regularly and not to waste

Irrigation, especially during the winter.

Second: The leaves of the money plant are wrinkled and their edges are discolored

Brown color. Leaves curl and discoloration occur

the edges of the money plant plant; due to lack of irrigation

Not paying attention to providing humidity around

plant and soil dryness; Especially during a season

Summer, so care should be taken to spray the plant with water

Two or three times a day during a class

Summer and high temperature.

Third: Twisting and sagging leaves of the potts plant and rotting the stem:

This is caused by the presence of the plant pots

In a place with a lot of cold air

Especially when the temperature is below 10 degrees

In winter, it is necessary to put

Plant away from places where there is a lot of current

air, especially during the cold winter

From this, we see that raising potts at home

It is available during the spring, summer and season

Warm autumn.
Water needs of money plant.
It is irrigated regularly twice a week with care that does not drown or fertilize, the soil must be moist, but not drowned.

here are more than 70 types of Pothos plants, including:

1. Golden Pothos
2. Marble Queen Pothos
3. Neon Pothos
4. Satin Pothos
5. Silver Pothos
6. Jade Pothos
7. Cebu Blue Pothos
8. Manjula Pothos
9. Pearls and Jade Pothos
10. Glacier Pothos
11. Snow Queen Pothos
12. N’Joy Pothos
13. Hawaiian Pothos
14. Jessenia Pothos
15. Dragon Tail Pothos
16. Marble Saturn Pothos
17. Green Queen Pothos
18. Variegated Pothos
19. Philodendron Pothos
20. Lemon Lime Pothos
21. Pothos Silver Splash
22. Pothos Silvery Ann
23. Pothos Marble Queen
24. Pothos Marble Prince
25. Pothos Jade Prince
26. Pothos Golden Queen
27. Pothos Glacier Bay
28. Pothos Devil’s Ivy
29. Pothos Chocolate
30. Pothos Cleopatra
31. Pothos Little Leafs
32. Pothos Pearls and Jade
33. Pothos Neon Lime
34. Pothos Cebu Blue
35. Pothos Green Splash
36. Pothos Green Dragon
37. Pothos Hawaiian Blue
38. Pothos Hawaiian Yellow
39. Pothos Marble Duke
40. Pothos Marble Queen Jade
41. Pothos Marble Queen Neon
42. Pothos Marble Queen Satin
43. Pothos N’Joy Compacta
44. Pothos N’Joy Marble
45. Pothos Neon Pearls
46. Pothos Pearls and Dreams
47. Pothos Pearls and Jade Double
48. Pothos Pearls and Jade Golden
49. Pothos Princes Finger
50. Pothos Silver Bullet
51. Pothos Snow Queen Yellow
52. Pothos Silver Knight
53. Pothos Speckled
54. Pothos Silver Dragon
55. Pothos Silver Queen Compacta
56. Pothos Silver Variegated
57. Pothos Trailing Jade
58. Pothos N’ Joy Ripple
59. Pothos Jade Satin
60. Pothos Silver Splash Small
61. Pothos Marble Queen Splash
62. Pothos Marble Queen Ghost
63. Pothos Marble Queen Craze
64. Pothos Marble Queen Ripple
65. Pothos Marble Queen Lemon
66. Pothos Marble Queen Green
67. Pothos Marble Queen Arborescens
68. Pothos Golden Ceylon
69. Pothos Devil’s Picnic
70. Pothos Glacier Queen

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