Moringa care flowers planting dates.

Moringa tree

Moringa oleifera

The Moringa tree belongs to the Moringacea family

The Moringa tree is known after it by other names, including the left tree – the Yusor tree – the frankincense tree – the precious bean tree – wild garlic – horse radish – the hallway tree – the student’s stick.

The Moringa tree grows in Central Africa, Central and South America, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia.

Moringa trees are semi-tropical trees and are cultivated well in Egypt and many different countries of the world.

Information about Moringa.

Trees and shrubs of this genus are fast-growing, deciduous, small to medium in size, 7-15 meters high, with upright stems and spreading at the top.

Moringa leaf shape:

The leaves of Moringa trees are pinnate in 2-3 pairs and the terminal leaf is longer and it is ovate upturned and pale green.

Moringa flowers:

Moringa trees begin to flower during the month of May in the form of deltaic inflorescences and before the leaves and flowers are cream-colored with a pleasant smell, and the flower consists of five bearded petals.

The fruits of Moringa are triangular pods in their cross-section and the pods vary in length from 15 – 120 cm depending on the type and location and based on the difference, the pods were divided according to their length into three groups, namely.

1 – Short horns, 15-25 cm long.

2 – Medium horns, 25-40 cm long.

3 – Long horns, 50-90 cm long.

Environmental factors suitable for growing Moringa trees:

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Moringa planting dates.

Moringa trees do not tolerate cold and ice, which leads to the death of trees and completely dry out from the ground level.

Soil suitable for growing Moringa trees.

The cultivation of Moringa trees is good in lands with good drainage and has the full ability to resist drought.

Planting distances between Moringa trees.

Moringa trees can be planted in permanent lands at a distance of 2.5 x 2.5 meters, and Moringa trees can be planted at different distances from 3 x 3 meters to approximately 6-6 meters.

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