decoration plants plant care tips

During the month of October, some agricultural transactions are carried out on some indoor plants, whether in gardens or inside the house. We will study some of these transactions as follows:
First: the green areas:
During the month of October, the land prepared for the cultivation of Lolium multiflorum (Lolium multiflorum) is prepared. The land is well leveled, and the seeds are scattered in early October.

And (Lolium multiflorum) is one of the grasses of green areas, and Lolium multiflorum is planted during the winter to get a green surface throughout the winter as it is not affected by low temperatures, and the gas is not affected by the shade of trees, so it is planted in gardens.

And the shearing process must be taken care of using cutting machines constantly to maintain the shape of the grass and its elegance.
Second: fences, climbers, and trees.
During the month of October, the fences are cut and the irrigation process is taken care of during that period, noting that they are not cut too much.

The stray and dry branches should be cut only, and during the month of October, some climbing plants begin to flower, such as the Ipomoea plant, the bougainvillea plant and the haematoxylum campechianum plant.

The fallen trees, such as poinciana, mulberry trees, jacaranda trees, and cucumber trees, an inch, begin to drop their leaves in preparation for entering the dormancy stage.

While the deciduous Casuarina trees start flowering during this month, giving white flowers with yellow throats.
Third: flowering annuals:
During the month of October, all kinds of summer annuals wither and enter the stage of drought and yellowing, then give seeds and then they are uprooted.

Winter annuals are also planted of various kinds, such as phlox, chrysanthemums, Antirrhinum majus, lobelia, pansies, sprouts, daggers, single carnations (Chinese), snake plant, Ageratum houstonianum, Dimorphotheca, Chiloglottis, Alternanthera and other winter plants.

Where they are planted in appropriate basins at the end of October and at the appropriate dimensions in order to give flowers of a beautiful shape that gives the garden a wonderful view.
Fifth: flowering annuals – mums or chrysanths
Mums or chrysanths flowers begin to bloom during the month of October and give flowers during this month that add beauty to the garden.
Sixth: carnation or clove pink
Carnation or clove pink plants need to be strengthened during the month of October, with pieces of wood or a 60 cm long support, and the plants must be maintained and regular watering
As well as fertilizing with neutral fertilizer 12-12-12 nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium at a rate of 2 g / liter of water sprayed on plants approximately every week.

Seventh: cineraria

decoration plants
During the month of October, care is taken to fertilize cineraria plants with well-decomposed organic fertilizer, preferably compost in exchange with poultry manure every 5 days throughout the month.
Seventh: sweet peas
Sweet peas can be planted during the month of October if it has not been planted during the previous month, and when it reaches the appropriate height, supports should be placed for the plants that have reached the appropriate length of support, with full attention to the appropriate irrigation and fertilization process.
Seventh: violets or pansies, roses, geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills:

ornamental plant care tips
ornamental plant care tips

During the month of October, care is taken to fertilize and irrigate geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills, roses and violets with neutral chemical fertilizer 19 – 19 – 19 NPK at a rate of 2 g / liter of water once a week, spraying on the vegetative total of plants.