Toddy palm or Palmyra Palm care and benefits fertilizerWatring uses

The scientific name.

is Borassus Flabellifer L.

English name.

Palmyra PalmToddy Palm.

botanical description Palmyra Palm.

Palmyra Palm is a type of fan palm, and it is a double-dwelling date palm, and it is considered one of the rarest types of palm.Palmyra Palm is planting in moderate temperate areas and its cultivation does not succeed in hot areas.In Palmyra Palm, the stem is black or dark brown that tends to black. The length of the palm is about 20 meters, and the diameter of the stem is about one meter.

.In the Palmyra Palm, the leaves are large, fan-shaped, about 160-180 cm long.The male inflorescence is about 160 cm long, and the female inflorescence is about 30 cm in diameter.As for the fruits, they are round or oblong, with a diameter of about 15 cm, with fleshy fibers with 1-3 seeds.

Multiplication of Palmyra Palm.

The Palmyra Palm is propagated by seeds that are planted in the nursery first and then transferred to the permanent land when it reaches a length of about 1.5 meters, provided that the appropriate distances are followed for cultivation in the permanent land.

Watring Palmyra Palm trees.

You need Palmyra Palm trees.To regular irrigation without drowning or irritating. Rather, irrigation is carried out regularly according to the available weather conditions, whether in summer or winter, provided that irrigation is taken every two weeks during the summer and every week during the winter season.Or irrigation is carried out according to weather conditions, the nature of the cultivation area and the soil in which the palm is planted.

fertilize palm trees Palmyra Palm trees.

Palmyra Palm trees are fertilized. With well-decomposed organic fertilizer at a rate of 4 harvests of well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter season in December and January for palm trees aged 10 years.As for the chemical fertilization, it is done using the integrated chemical fertilizer NPK. It is preferable to use the integrated chemical fertilizer 19-19-19, provided that it is added at a rate of 250 gm / palm tree 10 years old during the month of January and August.

Palmyra Palm uses.

1- Wood, especially the masculine palm wood, is used to make ceilings and columns.2- The juice that flows in great abundance after slicing or cutting the immature flower holders (cobs), and it is rich in sucrose, which is used in the production of jaggery.

3- When the jaggery juice is fermented, it turns into a raw alcohol called Toddy.

.4- The juice extracted from the cobs is used by the Indians as a sugary drink and they make sugar from it, as the proportion of sucrose is about 79%, and one palm gives a very large amount of sugar.

5- Leaves are used as a straw and a fan, and in making baskets.

6- The fruits are eaten after they are roasted. As for the pulp, it is called Palmyra and it is very sweet in taste.

7- Flour is extracted from the ripe fruits and used in food.