different types of pots for indoor plants.

The planting pot is one of the most important things that makes a person think that this plant has changed the shape of the place because there are very many types of planting beds in different shapes and types.

Types of planting pots.

plastic Pots
wooden pots
Cement planting pot
A pot made from plant waste
A planter made of metal such as iron and copper
Toughened glass pots
Paper pot made of different types of paper
Fiber planting tanks.

There is a division of the planting pot according to the shape.

Plant pot
Plant pot

Plant pot
Plant pot


Plant pot

Planting pot according to the shape.

Rectangular planter
Circular planter
square planter pot
Large planting pot.

These pots are used to plant more than one variety next to each other, which acts as a mini-forest and sometimes

The art of bonsai or dwarfing trees is combined to make a wonderful botanical painting of many trees.
Small planting beds.

It is used in offices and study places to give psychological comfort and calm. Bonsai can be planted inside or cacti such as donkey’s tail cactus, snake plant or spider plant, and also other plants can be planted with grass and grass.

Specifications of a good planting pots.

Plant pot
Plant pots
Plant pot
Plant pot


Plant pot
Plant pot

here are many types of pots and many uses for them, but make sure to
good drainage of water
Water does not rust if it is metal
It does not absorb the heat of the sun, which leads to the death of plants
It has sides that you can carry from it so that the plant does not fall on the ground during pregnancy, or to be careful when carrying it, or you can buy a special holder for it.