puerto rico palm trees

The scientific name.

Sabal causiarum.

English name: puerto rican hat palm

Botanical description of the hat palm.

The hat palm is a fan palm of medium height, with the palm reaching a length of approximately 10-12 meters.

As for the leaf neck, it is about 2 meters long and extends to a large area inside the leaf, and the diameter of the leaf is about 2 meters.

The leaves are green in color, tending to gray, and the pink shamrock comes out from the axils of the leaves, while the flowers are white and light aromatic.

The fruits are brown, round, about 1 cm in diameter, and the seeds are round, with a diameter of 1.2 cm

Cutting propagation of palm hat.

Reproduction in the hat palm is by seeds, where the seeds are planted in the nursery and transferred to the permanent land when it reaches a length of about 1.5 meters, provided that the planting distances in the permanent land are taken into account.

watering palm trees puerto rico palm hat palm.

The hat palms are irrigated regularly and without drowning or irrigating, provided that the trees are done every two weeks during the winter season and every week during the summer.

fertilize palm trees hat palm.

The cap palm is fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter service in December and January, at a rate of 4 harvests of well-decomposed organic fertilizer.

As for fertilizing with the mineral elements of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, it is fertilized during the month of March and August at rates appropriate to the age of the trees and the type of soil.

However, it is possible to fertilize with integrated chemical fertilizer NPK 19-19-19 at a rate of 250 gm / 10 years old tree in two batches during the month of March and August.

Palm hat uses.palm leaf cowboy hats.

The hat palm is one of the ornamental palms. It is one of the rarest types of ornamental palms. The leaves are used in making baskets and hats, so it is called the hat palm.

puerto rico palm
puerto rico palm