sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers propagation fertilizer watering light and care

sansevieria cylindrica
sansevieria cylindrica

sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers propagation fertilizer watering light and care

Common nam(s) :Cylindrical snake plant, African spear or spear sansevieria

Bowstring Hemp:

African spear plant

It is a type of snake plant

Scientific name for sensevieria:
Sansevieria cylindrica Bojer:
The original home of Sansevieria cylindrica

South Africa
Botanical description of cactus Sansevieria cylindrica.

Sansevieria cylindrica African spear plant is a succulent cactus plant with a cylindrical stem, ranging in length from 90-120 cm. It is a leafless plant.

As for the flowers, they are found in racemose inflorescences, about 90 cm long, white or creamy in color. The fruits are small, round, with an orange color.

#sansevieria cylindrica propagation.

how to propagate sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica cactus reproduces by cuttings that come out under the plant, as well as by lobing.
Sansevieria cylindrica watering:
Sansevieria cylindrica needs moderate irrigation without excessive irrigation or thirsting the plant, but irrigation is according to the condition of the plant, environmental conditions and the nature of the soil.

Fertilizing Sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers.

The Sansevieria cylindrica cactus plant is fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer at a rate of 5 kg + 100 g of phosphorous fertilizer during the winter in December of each year.

Neutral chemical fertilization NPK 12 – 12 – 12 nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium at a rate of 200 gm in two batches, the first batch during March and the second batch during August.

Sansevieria cylindrica at home.

Sansevieria cylindrica is grown in home gardens in sunny places in the garden among flower beds, and it can also be grown indoors or on balconies in sunny places.
Economic value of Sansevieria cylindrica
1- Sansevieria cylindrica is grown in gardens in sunny places.

2- Plant Sansevieria cylindrica in home gardens and balconies in sunny places.

3- The Sansevieria cylindrica plant is also grown in public gardens and parks in sunny places.

Sansevieria cylindrica light requirements.

Lacke lighting causes the leaves of the Sansevieria cylindrica to burn

Insufficient lighting leads to a tendency for the plant to turn white as a result of the lack of chlorophyll production.

Snake plant needs at least 4 hours of direct light.

#Suitable soil for Sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers.

well-drained sandy soil nourished with compost that does not retain water The increase in humidity in the ground harms any type of cactus, which is naturally sensitive to moisture, because its nature is originally desert.

#Repotting sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers .

The plant grows very slowly, and if you want or move you, this will be done in the spring, the best time, but because most people will put the plant in a low-light environment, this will lead to slow growth. But when transporting, make sure not to irrigate the plant until it is firmly established in the soil, and it is preferable to place it in a pot that is two degrees larger.

#(Pests) sansevieria cylindrica problems.dragon fingers.

The plant is vulnerable to attack from vine weevils, which can eat the tips of the leaves of the plant, and if you do not deal with it properly, it will affect the health of the plant.

sansevieria cylindrica brown spots.

#sansevieria cylindrica dragon fingers in water

The plant is considered one of the desert plants that should not be exposed to a lot of water, as the material causes rotting of the roots and becomes vulnerable to diseases and pests, as desert plants tend to dry out due to increased humidity.