Snake plant care light fertilizer watering temperature cleaning

Snake plant (sansevieria) care.

Common Name: Mother-in-law’s Tongue, African Bowstring-Hemp,Sansevieria trifasciata Prain, Snake Plant,Hemp, Spear Plant, 虎尾兰

Snake plant care

Snake plant (sansevieria) care

care about something or someone means take care of his needs and never forget this needs caring for a person really does not different from care to plant think about snake plant needs=snake plant care.

you need to do this steps day by day for your snake plant your new friend at home your responsibility

  • take care for Snake plant light
  • take care for Snake plant temperature
  • take care for Snake plant cleaning
  • take care for Snake plant


  • take care for Snake plant humidity
  • take care Snake plant care watering.
Snake plant flower
Snake plant flower

Snake plant (sansevieria) care an introduction.

Snake plant care

black dahlia plant flower

#Snake plant Description.

  • The snake plant is one of the succulent plants (cactus), and it is one of the plants that is characterized by the beauty of its shape, as it is given to the place where it is located, and a striking beauty.

Botanical description of the snake plant.

  • snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) , which is a succulent from the Asparagaceae family.
  • The snake plant is a succulent plant (algae) and reaches a height of 120-130 cm. The beauty of its leaves is due to the fact that it is thick leathery striped leaves of a bright green color with a dark color, as it surrounds the arcade of a wide yellow outer band and the middle area of the leaf is also mottled.
  • The snake plant is a rhizome plant, which extends through the rhizomes that extend under the surface of the soil, which makes the plant extend to large areas, which distinguishes it from the rest of the other plants in terms of shape and giving the aesthetic shape to the place.

#Snake plant Light.

Snake plant care
Snake plant care

its ok you will not do a lot about light Snake Plant can live in low light to bright, direct sun. They’re the perfect plant to bring life to a dark room or corner light is important to snake plant but not so much

#Snake plant propagation.

Snake plant care
Snake plant care
  • Snake plant usually reproduces through the succulents that grow next to the plants, where the succulents are obtained and planted in other places, noting that the succulents are taken with part of the root and then planted and taken care of them think about them like babes.
  • Snake plant is also propagated by segmentation, where the plants are dense in a small area, then they are segmented into several plants and planted individually or at suitable distances in the garden.
  • Snake plant propagation during the temperate months from March to


  • garden soil +sand +cocopeat +vermicompost in equal proportions. These components, if used to grow young snake plants, are ideal or even for cutting with the use of sterile scissors and also a sterile glove with the use of variolation hormone.
  • A number of types of variolation hormones can be used, including home turmeric powder or the hormone that is sold. Your snake plant will flourish and after a while it will You find the roots growing from the cutting
  • Separate the soil from the pot when moving the young snake plant, you will need a spoon, we use the bottom part of it, and also the best way is to turn the pot over, and then knock on the pot gently with your hand on the plant so that it does not fall on the ground.

and the plant will come out, provided that the plant is dry, and you will use the spoon or A tool to try to remove any soil stuck to the edges, and in the event that you want to separate the plant into more than one pot and divide it, it is preferable to use a water hose to loosen the soil from the roots without cutting off the roots.

leaves on my snake plant (sansevieria) without the yellow edges.

  • There are two reasons for this situation first. stress. Where stress affects the young of the snake plant, which leads to its exit in a different color, even if you care about fertilization and the irrigation program set for the snake plant, as well as many other elements such as soil.
  • The second reason is due to a mutation in the plant, as it leads to the appearance of the plant’s origin, similar to the idea that a child has an eye that is very similar to his father.
  • The mutation is not widespread in many plants, but it is very widespread in the snake plant. In any case, the plant must be exposed to light, as well as attention to small details. The emergence of the genetic origin of the plant, you do not need to worry, this is the same plant, but you have to understand the matter.

The leaves of the snake plant are very tall and falling over.


  • Bring scissors and cut the long paper from the bottom at the soil.
  • Cut the leaf that was cut from the plant from the bottom until it is the appropriate length for the rest of the paper
  • . Plant the leaf again in the same pot.

Do not worry that the leaves of the snake plant may dangle a little.

#Snake plant (sansevieria) cleaning.

Snake plant care
Snake plant care
  • It is important to clean the leaves of the snake plant from the dirt, whether with a brush or by spraying water, which makes the leaves shiny and snake plant look like star plant and you will fell that your friend take shower😁.
  • Does the snake plant need to be dried? Too much water harms the snake plant. It is preferable for the soil to be dry. As for the leaves, it is also preferable for it to be dry for more than one reason, first for cleanliness and the beauty of the snake, and secondly to prevent diseases and insects from coming to the plant.

#snake plant (sansevieria) watering.

Snake plant care
Snake plant care

snake plant watering schedule

snake plant larg or small if be Thirsty will not took untell the end Snake plant is a succulent plant, cactus which must be watering in moderation without extravagance, as excessive watering and flooding of plants lead to rotting of the roots.

In general often snake plant larg or small once a month if the soil is still moist(winter) after 2 weeks in summer

  • The use of chlorine-free water to water the snake plant, as chlorine greatly harms all plants, especially the snake plant.
  • If there is a source of natural water free of chlorine, it is preferable to use it.

And if you are in one of the states that enjoys great humidity and use one of the devices to remove the humidity of the air, you can add that water, which is largely considered one of the best types of water because it is considered distilled water to a large extent, and that energy will be used to re-irrigate the snake plant.

how to tell if snake plant needs water?

Leaves will be wrinkly and brittle And you can put your finger in soil 2cm if your finger stell clean with out water and so dray you can water

#Snake plant (sansevieria) fertilizer.

Snake plant care
Snake plant care

snake plant grow and care

snake plant grow and care

  • Snake plant needs a well-decomposed organic fertilizer during the winter months in December and January, and a 15% superphosphate fertilizer should be added when adding organic fertilizer.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer and potassium sulfate fertilizer are also fertilized at a rate ranging between 500 gm to 600 gm of 20.5% ammonia sulfate fertilizer + 300 gm of 48% potassium sulfate fertilizer in two batches, the first batch during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.
  • Homemade fertilizer COFFEE for snake plants Coffee is one of the best organic fertilizers that you give to the snake plant, as the coffee is rich in potassium and phosphorus.
  • The snake plant is large, and it also provides the purchase of organic fertilizer, but this is a kind of organic and cheap fertilizer. In cases of the snake plant, if you are a coffee lover, it will become free fertilizer.

#snake plant temperature and humidity.

There is no requirements but will suffer if subjected to temperatures below 10ºC and and.

Snake plant care

Snake plant care.

snake plant leaves splitting.

  • Splitting the leaves of the plant may be due to a large extent to the increase in moisture and water, and it is preferable to reduce the amount of water, but also the reason may be a lack of fertilization, so the amount of nutrients in the soil must be taken into account.

snake plant cold tolerance.

  • in a row of temperatures down to 50℉/10℃, the snake plant tolerates very low temperatures, but the snake plant should not be in temperatures lower than that, as it may suffer even in temperatures lower than that for several nights. That in mind

# 10 snake plant benefits uses.

Snake plant care
Snake plant car.

1 – snake plant is cultivated in rock gardens, gardens, home and glass balconies, as well as roof gardens.

2- snake plant is suitable for planting in pots, where it bears thirst and the atmosphere of the interior house in well-lit places.

3- The fibers extracted from the snake plant are made of good ropes and threads used for industrial purposes.

4 – The leaves of snake plant are made of luxurious writing paper, as the plant fibers are elastic, which makes them good performance in all areas. Industrial aspects, whether ropes or threads or writing paper.

5-snake plant benefits at night and day by releasing oxygen and adding moisture to the airs nake plant as per vastu, snake plants filter for rooms air make nice and clean air snake plant very useful in filtering air.

6-snake plant remove toxic pollutants help in allergy.

7- snake plant benefits feng shui according to feng shui snake plant enhance the “energy” of a space.

8-snake plant spiritual benefits snake plant effect on mental health when snake plant existing in room make people feel with peaceful and that help to enhance spiritual state

Snake plant help in

9 – snake plant medicinal benefits cure small physical ailments

  • relieve headaches
  • heal skin burns
  • reduce inflammation
  • support standard blood pressure
  • help strengthen the immune system
  • help flush out parasites.

10_Snakeplant to make paper

  • In a study conducted on the production of leaves from the snake plant with the use of potato starch to increase the quality of the leaves produced. This study was carried out in an attempt to produce leaves free of chemicals, especially since according to the study, the demand for paper increased by 400% in the last forty years. The conclusion of the research is that it is actually better to use organic materials, but the relative scarcity of snake plant species does not make it one of the best plants for this purpose, but it is indeed an appropriate solution.

# snake plant toxic.Warning and precautions.

snake plant tea (snake plant Do not eat or drink any part of it, and it may cause complications in the case of eating it, and the emergency must be reported in the event of swallowing an amount of the plant.)

snake plant toxic to animals humans cats dogs

#The age of the snake plant

The snake plant lives from a period of 10 to 25 years, but I have heard many stories about the snake plant, which reaches a lifespan of 60 and 70 years, so that many people have inherited the snake plant from their parents and grandparents.

#Flowering of snake plant.

How long does it take for the snake plant to bloom in my house? It’s been a whole year, and the secret to flowering is

  • good fertilizer.
  • little water.
  • Lots of light.
  • Transfer to a smaller, well-drained pot

snake plant also depend on the temperature. If you are in the state of Montana, the cold temperatures may affect the flowers. If you are in Florida or Texas, you may notice that there are many plants that bloom, especially if the plant is cared for, fertilized, and cared for in addition to the light.

#Potting snake plant.

Terracota pot or plastic pot is the best pot suitable for the snake plant. The pottery pot is considered preferable because it absorbs excess moisture, improves the respiration of the roots of the plant, and therefore a better plant that gives you a better flavor. When you feel that it is starting to dry out, especially when the flowering of the plant is associated with a large amount of water shortage, too much water and makes it difficult for the snake plant to bloom.

Putting the snake plant in a small or large pot?

It is best to place the sansevieria snake plant in a small place it will enhance propagation Process.

snake plant in water or soil.

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water

The snake plant can be grown either in water or soil, and it is possible to grow it in a transparent pot and put some colored pebbles for the aesthetic look, but it must be taken into account not to increase the water because the snake plant prefers a dry environment a lot, but I personally prefer sandy soil or the use of compost.

Pruning snake plant sensevieria.

how to prune snake plant care

Removing overcrowded plants A number of young snakes that form next to the plant can be moved. Sterile scissors must be brought and deformed leaves removed from cats and dogs or increased humidity that leads to cracking leaves.

snake plant in bathroom or in bed room with out window .

Yes you can use snake plant in bathroom lowest maintenance bathroom plants or bed room without window you will need good artificial light because may snake plant get Wight or They’ll also tend to grow longer and thinner than normal,

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