snake plant fertilizer (food)

The snake plantcan be fertilized once or twice a year. The snake plant is considered one of the indigenous plants of Mexico, which belongs to poor soil, and then it is taken into account not to increase the fertilization because the excessive fertilization of the snake plant may harm the plant.

Fertilize snake plant with 10_10_10

It is preferable to use it If you want to fertilize….Organic cow manure, it is possible to use organic cow manure or any organic fertilizer that contains organic elements such as fish manure, algae manure, or coffee manure.

Snake plant fertilizer,Snake plant fertilizer food,snake plant

The coffee residue can be used as an organic fertilizer for the snake plant. It is possible after all Once you drink coffee, do not dispose of the residue, keep it and then put it on the snake plant. It can also be used as fertilizer for many plants, such as croton plant plants, pothos plant plants, or lucky bamboo plants, if you plant them in a mulch pot

bacteria fertilizer bio for snake plant

yeast tablets can be used as an organic fertilizer by placing an amount equivalent to one gram every month in the soil on water biofertlizers .microorganisms that add to the nutrient quality of the soil

Plant Food 10-10-10

Twice each year