snake plant light requirements.

Light is considered one of the most important considerations for plants. In general, the snake plant is one of the plants that should be kept away from direct sunlight, and the snake plant should not be in the dark either, because indirect light harms the snake plant, so the plant must be in a place near the window, at a close distance from the sun.

Intense lighting causes the leaves of the snake plant to burn

Insufficient lighting leads to a tendency for the plant to turn white as a result of the lack of chlorophyll production.

Snake plant needs at least 4 hours of indirect light.

Snake plant in the bedroom without lighting

The snake plant should not be in a place without lighting. It will be able to survive, but after a period of up to two weeks or a month, the plant will die.

Are the brown edges of the snake plant associated with increased or decreased light?

Yes and no, there are many reasons that can cause the snake plant to have brown leaves, including lack of interest in fertilization, as well as water that contains chlorine, as well as soil that is not well drained and aerated, which leads to the death of the roots, which affects the plant and leads to the leaves becoming brown with the same edges.

Snake plant and moon light.

According to a number of researches, moonlight affects the snake plant in terms of wound healing and plant immunity against diseases, as well as the maximum benefit from the nutrients that are given to the snake plant, as there is a daily or semi-daily rhythm of sunlight and the moon that simulates the natural environment of the plant, which helps to grow efficiently and effectively.

UV light affect snake plant

snake plant light requirements.

snake plant light requirements.


UV rays are extremely important for plant growth as well. In safe doses, UV rays help in the production of oils as well as help increase your yield. It also increases the root production of the snake plant, which improves the absorption of nutrients for the snake plant and also helps the snake plant to fight bacteria, diseases and viruses.