Southern Magnolia(Bull Bay Tree) Care Grow guide

Scientific name – Magnolia grandiflora.

English name for magnolia trees:
Bull Bay Tree
The original home of Magnolia trees:
States Southeastern Unit:

Botanical description of southern magnolia trees:
southern magnolia is an evergreen ornamental tree with a height of 14 meters, and the branches of southern magnolia trees grow horizontally in the form of masts.

Southern Magnolia
Southern Magnolia

As for the leaves, they are simple, large in size, leathery, shiny from above, and coppery and wild from below, and the flowers are white and have a beautiful aromatic scent that blooms through! Summer season, it reaches 8-15 cm in diameter.

The fruits of southern magnolia trees are rusty in color and wild in texture, resembling a cone with a length of about 12 cm. The seeds are shiny, resembling pulp seeds, and there is a red oily layer on them, and they have a beautiful aromatic smell.

southern magnolia propagation

Southern magnolia trees are propagated by planting seeds after removing the oily layer, then they are placed in the refrigerator with a little bit of house moss for a month in order to break the dormancy phase, then they are planted after that in planting pipes or wooden planting boxes in an environment of peat moss + silt + sand at a ratio of 2: 1: 1, and successively with the service until it is a suitable root system and the appearance of the true leaves, as it is isolated in pots or planting bags, and successively with good service.

When it reaches the appropriate length, it is rotated in larger pots, and so on, until it is planted in permanent land.

Southern magnolia is also propagated by cultivating cuttings that are obtained from aged branches with a length of about 20 cm, and they are grown in good soil until they are a root system and a vegetative group, as they are rotated in larger pots until they are planted in permanent land.

southern magnolia water needs

Magnolia trees need moderate irrigation, whether in the summer or winter, and the irrigation is done without drowning, as the trees give their need of water without wasting, and the magnolia trees should not be thirsty, as the thirst of the trees is very harmful to the roots and the vegetation.

The irrigation process also depends on the nature of the soil and environmental conditions in the region, as well as on the method or method by which irrigation is carried out, whether by means of? Irrigation by immersion, sprinkler irrigation, or by drip irrigation.

southern magnolia( foods) fertilizer

Magnolia trees need organic fertilization

Magnolia trees are also fertilized with neutral (chemical) mineral fertilizer NPK 12 – 12 – 12 of nitrogen – phosphorus – potassium at a rate of 400 g / tree from the age of 5-10 years in two batches, the first batch dies during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August.

southern magnolia Light requirements

Magnolia trees need sunny places when they are planted, as light plays a big role in the good growth of trees, so attention must be paid to planting magnolia trees in bright, sunny places.

southern magnolia in home.

Magnolia trees are beautiful trees, so they are planted in home gardens as ornamental trees in flower beds or at the entrances to the garden.

Southern magnolia trees are also planted in public gardens and gardens of special importance, such as the gardens of major hotels, and places of importance such as the gardens of consulates and embassies.

southern magnolia uses:

1- Magnolia trees are suitable for cultivation as a fence around farms in desert areas.

2- It is good to plant magnolia trees in sunny places.

3- The fruits of magnolia trees are included in the decoration works because they have a beautiful and picturesque shape.

4- Southern magnolia trees are planted as ornamental trees in public gardens and private gardens, due to the beauty of the flowers with a beautiful aromatic scent.