strawberry varieties [9] bestes largest sweetest types

Scientific name of the strawberry plant:
Fragaria x ananasso

The strawberry is considered one of the non-traditional vegetable crops, and it belongs to the Rosaceae family. The origin of all types of commercial strawberry varieties currently known is due to the qualitative hybridization between the two species.

strawberry varieties 9 bestes largest sweetest types
strawberry varieties 9 bestes largest sweetest types

* Fragaria virginana ;
* Fragaria chiloensis
Therefore, you know all the varieties that resulted from the hybridization to the same scientific name of the strawberry plant.

Among the most important determinants of the success of strawberry cultivation are the variety, planting date, soil type, as well as the quality of irrigation water, as well as the cultivation system (frozen or fresh seedlings), as well as following a program to combat insect pests and fungal diseases, and ensuring to follow a suitable program of fertilization and appropriate irrigation standards from From the beginning of cultivation until the collection of the crop.

strawberry Botanical description.

The strawberry plant has a fibrous root system that grows between thick short stems (crowns) that are found near the soil surface.

And one plant produces from 20-30 roots, while the main stem of the plant is short and thick, woody (crown).

The leaves are borne at the nodes, and the plant grows vertically by forming new stems (secondary crowns) that emerge from the axillary leaves crowded around the main stem. The buds on the main stem are active in the axils of the leaves under the conditions of a long day, forming running stems on the surface of the soil known as outriggers, which touch the surface. the soil .

These extensions form new roots and plants, starting from the second node, where they can be separated or fixed in the case of an absence of roots, or flowers are formed in the case of a short day.

The leaves of the strawberry plant are compound, triple, that come out crowded on the short stem, and the flowers are found in vertical inflorescences, and the flowers are either hermaphroditic or feminine, and there are some varieties that bear male flowers, and cross-pollination takes place.
The strawberry fruit is clustered, and it consists of the enlarged juicy flower bed, while the real fruits are poor and found immersed in the fleshy bed, which is called the seed.

The strawberry plant is also a perennial plant, but its cultivation must be renewed annually to avoid viral diseases and so that plants and crops do not deteriorate.
The most important strawberry varieties:

1- Sweet Charlie strawberry

Sweet Shali variety is one of the short-day varieties. It is a well-growing plant with a dark green color. The fruits are large in size, but they are somewhat low in hardness, and their solution is high in vitamin G content. The fruits of this variety are distinguished by the fact that the fruits are shiny and have a high percentage of sugar.

When the temperature drops, the fruits ripen and their shoulders are white in color. It is suitable for fresh cultivation as well as protected cultivation, and it is one of the early varieties compared to other varieties. one thousand.

2- Fortuna strawberry

The strawberry variety Fortuna is one of the short-day varieties, and it is full of large, shiny fruits. It is a new variety that has not been evaluated yet.

3- Camarosa strawberry

Camaroza is one of the short-day varieties. It is characterized by very strong vegetative growth and a bright green color. The fruits are large in size and contain a high level of sugar. It is also characterized by the hardness of the fruits. It is one of the varieties suitable for export, as it is suitable for fresh and frozen cultivation.

4- Rosa Linda strawberry

Rosa Linda is one of the short-day varieties, and the fruits are regular in shape, almost spherical. It is one of the high-yielding varieties, and its production is between the two varieties, Sweet Charlie and Camaroza.
What is wrong with this variety is that it has green sections and it is difficult to color it red sometimes, when temperatures drop during the ripening of the fruits, and it becomes a commercial burden when marketing, which makes marketing difficult, as it is one of the varieties with few supplies.

5 – Albion strawberry

Albion is one of the light-neutral varieties, and it is an ideal variety for manufacturing. This variety replaced the Diamont variety. As for the vegetative growth, it is open at the top, upright, and it is resistant to fungal diseases.

6 – San Andreas strawberry

It is a light-neutral variety, and it is similar to Albion, and it is superior in speed and strength of growth in the vegetative growth stage, and it is similar to it in the flowering and fruiting stage.

Also, the rungs are few in the field of fruits, and the fruits are slightly open than the Albion variety, and it is also resistant to fungal diseases.

7- Banicia strawberry

The Pencia variety has another name, which is C225. It is rich in plants, strong to medium in vegetative growth, and is characterized by large fruits, and the fruits are dark red in color on the outside and the color of the heart is light red.

8 – Florida strawberry

The Florida variety is one of the short-day varieties, and the fruits are conical in shape, and the color of the fruits is dark red, and the color of the flesh from the inside is light red.

9- Sensation strawberry

Strawberry Sensation is one of the varieties with dense vegetation, and it is one of the most widespread varieties among the rest of the varieties, and it is characterized by high yield, while the fruits are of good size and high in hardness compared to the rest of the varieties, and the fruits are suitable for processing at a very high level.