Types of Dracaena with Care Guide

The English name of the Dracaena plant. Dracaena

Dracina plants follow the Liliaceae: Liliaceae.

Dracina is a tropical plant, and Dracaena is considered one of the most important indoor foliar plants that is used as an individual model or in groups.

It represents a strong point at the entrances to halls and living rooms, and tall models are used to beautify the entrances to public buildings.

As the dracaena is considered, as well as the Cordalin plant  It is considered one of the palm-likes, and sometimes it is called the false palm (False-Palms .

The Dracaena plants are characterized by long, upright, woody stems   Naked, topped by a crown of leaves, which gives a strong hint of palm shape, although it is not related to any type of palm.

The most important species of the genus Dracaena:

1 – Green Dracaena:  D.fragrans.

The most important types of dracaena

The green dracaena is also called the corn dracaena, because its green leaves are soft, somewhat similar to those of corn plants, except that they are shiny leathery, reaching a length of 80-90 cm.

Sometimes it is striped with longitudinal stripes of light color, and there is a striped variety with creamy white stripes known as the Striped Green Dracaena D.fragrans,lindenii .

The green dracaena is considered to be its original home in the northern Ghina, and it is the largest species in size and the best method of reproduction is the method of air laying.  

2 – Dracaena Godseffiana: D.godseffiana

This type of dracaena is semi-arborous and not palm-like. Its height ranges between 30-60 cm. The leaves are small (not long) oval, and their color is dark green with yellow or white spots (dotted), which is very similar to the croton plant. .

3 – Dracaena Dermensis :  d.deremensis.

This type of dracaena is slow-growing, reaches a height of 120 cm or more, and the color of the leaves is dark green with one or more stripes of a different color that may be white or yellow.

There are many types of this type, including the following:

Class Janet craig The leaves of this variety are completely green – Bausei and in this variety there are two broad white stripes in the middle of the leaf – Stripeseries in this variety The edges of the leaves are of a different color, they may be white as in the cultivar White Stripe, or they may be yellow as in the cultivar Yellow Stripe.

These are some varieties of green Dracaena. There is also the compacta variety, which is a compact variety with crowded leaves, and it is suitable for places with limited space.

4 – Dracaena Marginata: D.marginata .

Dracina Marginata, which is one of the favorite species of many people. It has a long, thin stem that reaches 3 meters in length and branches with the age of the plant. The leaves are thin, curved, green with a red edge. It is known locally as the glass dracaena.

The most important of its varieties is Tricolor, and there is a yellow stripe on the leaf that separates the green and red colors, and the general color is golden to yellow, including the Colorama variety, and the red stripes are multiple and clearer, so the general color of the leaves tends to redness and the leaves are thin very.

5 – Dracaena Draco: D.draco .

Dracina Draco is known as the Dragon tree. It is a huge species in its original habitat, but it does not exceed 120 cm when raised in pots, and the leaves have a red edge, and the old leaves of it are curved outward.

6 – Dracaena Sanderiana: D.sanderiana

Dracina Sanderiana plants are known as ribbon plants Ribbon plant . The leaves are twisted, green-gray, and the height of the plants reaches 60-90 cm. It is suitable for places with limited space. .

7 – Dracaena Reflexa: D. Reflexa.

and in the class of dracaena reflex

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