best fertilizer stocks 2023

best fertilizer stocks 2023

best performing fertilizer stocks

Liste of best performing fertilizer stocks

Nutrien Ltd. (NTR).

Before you decide what best fertilizer stock is you have to evaluate all data and information you can get from any company you want to buy stock from it.
Nutrien Ltd. For crop inputs and services. Dealing with potash, nitrogen, financial solutions.phosphate, and sulfate productsand fertilizers

Nutrien stock opened the day at $78.04 after a previous close of $77.31. The latest price was $77.80 (25-minute delay). Nutrien is listed on the NYSE, has a trailing 12-month revenue of around USD$36.8 billion and employs 23,500 staff.

Price as of Nov. 2: $85.78
Market Cap: $54.39 billion
P/E Ratio: 4.95
Dividend Yield: 3.15%
Year-to-Date Performance: 10.35%

Staff Nutrien Ltd. (NTR).

Russell Girling
Independent Chairman of the Board.

Kenneth Seitz
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director.

Pedro Farah
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President.

Noralee Bradley
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer.

Brent Poohkay
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer.

Jeff Holzman
Vice President, Investor Relations

Address Nutrien Ltd. (NTR).

211 19Th Street East, Suite 1700
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 5R6

American Vanguard Corp.


American Vanguard®holding company deliver solutions to help farmers needs and complex challenges ,landscapers producers, landscapers, turf managers, pest professionals, and public health officials around the world.

Dealing with chemical manufacture products include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, soil health, plant nutrition, molluscicides, growth regulators, and soil fumigants, are marketed in liquid, powder, and granular forms

for commercial agricultural, and consumer use.

Price as of Nov. 2: $23

Market Cap: $702.19 million
P/E Ratio: 25.85
Dividend Yield: 0.43%
Year-to-Date Performance: 40.33%

Staff American Vanguard Corp.

Eric Wintemute
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

David Johnson
Chief Financial Officer, Vice President, Treasurer

AddressAmerican Vanguard Corp.

4695 Macarthur Ct
Newport Beach, CA
United States

Corteva Inc. (CTVA)

Corteva, Inc. is a one of the best provider of seed and crop protection solutions for farmers the main focus for them the agriculture industry. Especially seeds segment developing and supplying germplasm and dealing with produce best yields for farms in world. They provide technologies that improve resistance to insects weather, disease, and herbicides used to control weeds, and trait technologies that make our food better and provides digital solutions that help farmers in decision-making.

Price as of Nov. 2: $66.91
dividend yield 0.92

YTD % Change37.9

Market Cap: $48.05 billion
P/E Ratio: 27.22
Dividend Yield: 0.90%
Year-to-Date Performance: 41.52%

Staff Corteva Inc. (CTVA)

Gregory Page
Independent Chairman of the Board
Charles Magro
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
David Anderson
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
Brian Titus
Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President, Controller
Timothy Glenn
Executive Vice President – Seed Business Unit

Address of Corteva Inc. (CTVA)

Indianapolis, IN
United States

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (BIOX)

The Company’s solutions include seeds, seed traits, seed treatments, biologicals

develop and commercialization of sustainable agricultural solutions through Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc

Price as of Nov. 2: $13.99
Market Cap: $856.05 million
P/E Ratio: N/A
Dividend Yield: N/A
Year-to-Date Performance: -1.06%

Staff Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (BIOX)

Federico Trucco Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Jorge Wagner CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Enrique Lecube
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director
Geronimo Watson
Chief Technology Officer

AddressBioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (BIOX)

Ugland House, George Town
PO Box 309
Grand Cayman


Cayman Islands

5 Fertilizer Stocks To Invest In for November 2022

best fertilizer stocks 2022

The Mosaic Co. (MOS)

Price as of Nov. 2: $54.45
Market Cap: $18.05 billion
P/E Ratio: 5.92
Dividend Yield: 1.16%
Year-to-Date Performance: 32.07%

This company is producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients.

Staff The Mosaic Co. (MOS)

Gregory Ebel
Independent Chairman of the Board
James O’Rourke
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Clint Freeland
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President

AddressThe Mosaic Co. (MOS)

101 East Kennedy Blvd., Suite 2500
Tampa, FL
United States