Yucca glauca propagation fertilizer watering light requirements.

The scientific name of the Yucca glauca plant

Yucca glauca. Nutt ex Fraser (= Y. angustifolia Engelm ex Trel.)

The original home(native to) of the Yucca glauca cactus plant.


The Yucca glauca plant is one of the succulent plants. It is a cactus plant with strong growth. It is grown in rocky gardens in sunny places. It is also suitable for cultivation in pots on the balconies of homes and in home gardens.

Yucca glauca Botanical description.

Yucca glauca is one of the juicy cactus plants, and it is a bluish legless plant, and it rarely has a short leg, as in this case it is short, flat.

As for the leaves, they are narrow, about 45 cm long and 10 cm wide, whitish in color, and the Yucca glauca plant does not bloom until many years after its cultivation.

The flowers of the Yucca glauca cactus plant bear long racemic inflorescences, pale in color, mottled pink or violet, and the flowering raceme is about 2.5 meters (Yucca glauca hight) long, and these turn into small plants called bulbuls.

Yucca glauca
Yucca glauca

Yucca glauca Propagation .

The Yucca glauca plant reproduces by planting the back or the bulbul when it is formed on the flowering stalk, after its full maturity.

It is also taken into account when multiplying through the back or bulbul that they are planted in a light, well-drained land, and it is preferable to add coarse sand after a good washing of salts at a ratio of 1: 1.
Yucca glauca plant water.

The Yucca glauca cactus plant, like all cacti, needs very moderate irrigation, as it tolerates drought for a period of up to 15 days or more, and irrigation should only be done when the soil in which it is planted reaches complete dryness.

The Yucca glauca plant does not like to be irrigated except when the soil surface is dry, at a depth of about 5 cm, then it is done. Water the plant without extravagance at all.

Yucca glauca Fertilizing.

The Yucca glauca plant needs well-decomposed organic fertilization, provided that the soil is stirred well after adding fertilizer.

The Yucca Gluca plant also needs neutral chemical fertilization NPK 10 – 10 – 10. As for spraying the plants every 15 days at a rate of 1 liter per liter of water, provided that the spraying is washing the leaves.

Or it is added to the soil at a rate of 300 gm in two batches, the first batch is during the month of March and the second batch is during the month of August, taking into account the stirring of the soil well after the addition and then conducting very moderate irrigation.

Yucca glauca Light requirements of .

Yucca glauca needs bright light, so it must be planted in sunny places and in the right place.

As the light is very important for the process of photosynthesis in which the plant uses the energy it derives from the light reaching the mechanism in the representation of sulfur dioxide and water to build carbohydrates, from which the rest of the other food components are created.

It is known that plants differ in their light needs, some of them need bright direct light for long periods, and some of them need less light periods.

It has been observed that the extra light reduces the elongation of the internodes, so the plants shorten, their leaves turn yellow, then turn brown, and the leaves may shrink, wither, and then fall off.

While plants exposed to insufficient light increase the elongation of the internodes clearly and become secretive, then the leaves turn yellow, wither and then fall off, and these plants often fail to reach the stage of flowering.

As bright light or direct sunlight is very beneficial for cactus plants, as it is also accompanied by a high temperature.

The intensity of lighting varies according to the directions. The southern side provides plants with direct light accompanied by high temperatures, while the eastern and western sides provide plants with light at certain periods of the day.

The eastern side provides the warm sunny weather in the morning and the cool luminous atmosphere in the afternoon – and vice versa – exactly what happens in the western side.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right place to grow plants, whether they are planted in permanent land or plants grown in a pot.

Planting Yucca glauca indoor.

The Yucca glauca plant is one of the most important ornamental plants that are grown in home gardens, as it is grown in flower beds or planted on both sides of the garden entrance.

Also, the Yucca glauca plant can be grown in pots and placed on home balconies or placed in sunny places. In all cases, the Yucca glauca plant must be grown in well-lit, sunny places.

Uses of Yucca glauca Cactus Plant.

1- Yucca glauca is grown in rock gardens in sunny, well-lit places.

2- Yucca glauca is cultivated. In home gardens, it is an ornamental plant, and many people grow it in home gardens.

3- The Yucca glauca plant can be grown in pots, whether in pottery pots or plastic pots, and placed on sunny, well-lit balconies.

Suitable soil Yucca glauca.

A mixture of compost, peat moss and vermiculite can be used