yucca plant care outdoors winter and summer watring Fertilizing.

yucca plant care
yucca plant care

Yucca is a beautifully shaped ornamental plant. It is planted in public and private gardens, where it is planted at the entrances to villas and buildings, as well as in public gardens in groups that take a beautiful shape that gives comfort to the soul.

yucca plant description

Yucca is a dry, succulent, shrubby plant with branched stems ranging in length between 8-10 meters. Leaves are coarse, long, leathery, glossy, green, with a jagged edge, and the top is soft. The flowers are bell-shaped, white in color, formed in large, terminal inflorescences in abundant groups, tending to color. Ivory. The fruits are fleshy yellow pulp.

propagating yucca from leaves.

The yucca plant usually reproduces by cuttings, where the cuttings are obtained from the mother plant and are transplanted, where they produce a new plant that takes the same characteristics as the mother plantThe yucca plant also reproduces through the back that comes out next to the mother plant, where it is taken off and planted in suitable pots, and when the roots are produced, they are planted in the permanent ground or in larger pots.

yucca plant watering.

Pukka plants need moderately light irrigation, as the plant bears thirst, and yucca plants should not be irrigated excessively, as excessive irrigation leads to rotting of the roots and thus the death of the plant.

Fertilizing Yuccas in Pots

The yucca plant needs light fertilization, where it is fertilized with well-decomposed organic fertilizer at a rate of one harvested per year during the winter service during the month of December and January.. As for chemical fertilization, the fertilizers are added at the following rates for each plant, which are as follows:* Ammonium sulfate fertilizer at a rate of 20.5% 100 gm + 50 gm of potassium sulfate fertilizer + 100 gm of superphosphate fertilizer 15% / plant. The fertilization is to be done in two batches, the first during the month of March and the second batch during the month of August at the same rates mentioned.

benefits of yucca plant in home.

1 – The yucca plant is grown in rock gardens and all other types of gardens, whether public gardens or private gardens.

2- As the yucca plant is planted in home gardens in sunny places

3_ Yucca produces beautiful flowers and very abundant, as well as yellow drooping fruits in a beautiful view that gives the soul complete comfort and satisfaction.

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