We are always on the lookout for gardeners who can write! is currently seeking highly experienced garden writers who can craft excellent guides and take quality photos. We are seeking horticulturists, master gardeners, serious home gardeners, agricultural specialists, homesteaders, and others who have academic or hands-on experience.

These are paid positions. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAID OR COMPLIMENTARY GUEST POSTS FOR LINKING PURPOSES. Contracted writers caught including links for purposes of link schemes or inflating another site’s page rank, or otherwise accepting outside payment for links, will be dismissed and the citations will be removed.

How can you write for us?

Please submit a gardening-related writing sample along with your resume, rates, and availability. This can be an original piece, content posted to another site or blog, or writing published on your own blog. If you are a photographer, please include photo samples as well.

Application materials can be submitted to jobs at

Please include any relevant gardening, horticultural, or agricultural education or experience in your email.